Top 20 Nepali Songs That are Popular on YouTube

Nepali Songs Analysis: This is post about analysis of Nepali songs. We are here in this page with analysis most popular Nepali songs videos songs on the social video site, Find here top 20 Nepali songs that are very famous on the video channel We have collected 20 popular Nepali songs on this page. We hope you will of course love these songs. We are with Nepali famous songs with hot Nepali songs, classical Nepali songs, pop songs, adhunik songs, Nepali movies songs, Nepali folk songs, or Nepali lok dohari songs.

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Top 20 Nepali Songs That are Popular on YouTube

Human beings are social animals. So they cannot live alone. They live in society to share their sorrow, happiness and to satisfy their meeds. Therefore, society is a group of people living and working together to achieve a common goal. There are several rules in the society which are not written anywhere but people simply follow them in mutual understanding. They are called social rules. Under the social rules, regulation, we are having fun with dances, songs, traditions, cultures and festivals.

In Nepal, there are thousands of Nepali songs available in the entertainment world. But among them, there are some few songs, which are been famous.

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Hamro udesya nepali gitaharulai maya, sammana ani promotion garnu nai ho. Kripaya gitaharu daunaloda garisakepachhi aphno byaktigata prayojanako lagi matra prayoga garnu hola.

1. Sannani By Babu Bogati

Album : Request
Vocal : Babu Bogati

Once upon time in Nepali, this song Sannani, sung by Babu Bogati was very popular in Nepali community.

nikai bajara piṭeko yo gitama svara, sabda, laya, saṅgita ho. Yo gita nepali philimama pani prayoga bhayo. Mela, mahotsava jatatatai manisaharu yahi gita bajaera nache, ramailo gare.


2. Ko Hola Tyo | Sunil Giri | New Nepali Song

Song: Ko Hola Tyo
Vocal : Sunil Giri
Music/Lyrics : Sunil Giri
Arranger : Gopal Rasaili
Actors : Paul / Prakriti
Camera : Umang Shahi
Edit/Direction : Satiz Shrestha

This song ko Hola Tyo is sung by Sunil Girli. He has very talentship in the musical field.

Uni sangitaka silpi hun. Jhaṇdai pam̐chasaya gitama svara ra sangita dieka chhan. Loka, adhunika, bhajana, sastriya sangita sabai ksetrama unale hata haleka chhan. Aphu pani charchako sikharama puge. Tara, unama aham ra mahatvakanksa kahilyai palaena.

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Top 20 Nepali Songs That are Popular on YouTube

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