76 Evergreen Nepali Songs by Narayan Gopal of All Time

Get here list of 76 evergreen and famous Nepali songs by Narayan Gopal, Swar Smrat of Nepal. Here we are with list of Nepali popular geet collection by the singer Narayan Gopal. You can listen these all mp3 songs on the various blogs and watch videos on YouTube.com. Here we have enlisted Narayan Gopal Songs. If you have mp3 downloader or YouTube Video downloader, you can download free from that video site. You don’t have to pay any cost but only for personal use, not for commercial use.

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76 Evergreen Nepali Songs by Narayan Gopal of All Time

1. Himal Sari Ma Pagli Rahechhu. Very Romantic Song
2. Mero Aankha Lai Rakhne
3. Mero Aankhalai Rakhne by Bishal Tamang
4. Swarga Ki Rani
5. yo samjhine maan cha karaoke

Nepali Singer Narayan Gopal Pictures


Watch here Narayan Gopal video songs “mero aankha lai rakhen”

6. aaja bholi harek saajh….
7. Aaja Ra Rati Narayan Gopal
8. Ae Kancha by Narayan Gopal
9. Ajai ra rati Narayan Gopal
10. akha chopi narou bhani bhannu parya cha ..

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11. aljhechha kyare Narayan gopal original
12. Baini Ko Daya Chha Bhane……. songs…
13. Banai Khayo Dadelole Manai Khayo BY Narayan Gopal
14. basi ramro deaurali ta ( NARAYAN GOPAL+TARA DEVI MANKO BAANDH)
15. Bichod ko bela by Narayan Gopal

Evergreen Nepali Songs by Narayan Gopal of All Time

16. Bipana Nabhai by Narayan Gopal
17. Birahi Maya Adhuro Rahyo Birsanu Kasari By Swor Samrat Narayan gopal
18. Birata Ko Chino Narayan Gopal Lahure
19. Chumera Pana Bhari Narayan Gopal
20. Deni Niraula performing Narayan Gopal’s song Aaljhechha Kyare Pachheuri

Watch here Birata Ko Chino by Narayan Gopal from the Nepali movie Lahure

21. Duita Phool Deuralima Narayan Gopal
22. Euta Mancheko by Narayan Gopal
23. Galti Hajar Hunchan by Narayan Gopal a rare song
24. Ishwor taile by Narayan Gopal
25. Jeevan dekhi dherai dherai nai thakera Narayan Gopal

26. jhareko paat jhai-Narayan Gopal-Forever Nepali Old SongNepali Old Song
27. Jharyo zindagi by Narayan Gopal
28. JUN PHOOL MAILE “जुन फूलमा मैले” || Nepali All time Hit Songs
29. KEHI MITHO BATA GARA With Lyrics “केही मिठो बात गर ” ||
30. ko kasko ho by narayan gopal

31. lau suna ma bhanchu by narayan gopal
32. ma mare pani malai mero desh ko maya cha
33. Ma Ta Lali-Guras Bhayechhu म त लालीगुराँस भएछु (स्वर सम्राट नारायण गोपाल) –
34. maile punya maan paraye …… Narayan gopal
35. Malai chhodi mero chhaya katai jharechhaNarayan Gopal

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76 Evergreen Nepali Songs by Narayan Gopal of All Time

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