Top 101 Nepali Models Photos Tht Force You to Feel Hot and Glamour

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Get here top 101 Nepali models photos, pictures, images and videos that force you to feel very very hot and glamourous. We have posted here top 101 Nepali models name list with hot and glamour photos That  makes you very spicy and hot as well as glamour. you don’t get not top 10 Nepali models. but also more than top 10 Nepali models. Here are more than 101 Nepali Models photoshoot videos, images. Get top ten Nepali models.

Top 101 Nepali Models Photos That Force You to Feel Hot and Glamour

This is a page that gives you some information, facts and tips, photos, videos, messages, status about Nepali models that makes you to feel hot and glamour as well. Because we have published here a extra unique page for our visitors who search for Nepali models photos and images which makes them to feel hot and glamour. For that We have published here in this page some of the hottest and glamorous photos, pictures or images, photoshoot stills that make forces you to hot and glamour with lots of Shayari, poems, wishes, sayari in Nepali language. top hot Nepali models. 101 top hot Nepali models.  Let’s go ahead. watch top hot nepali models with suitable shayari in nepali language.

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1. Nepali Model Kamala

Nepali Model Kamala Hot Picture
Nepali Model Kamala

Jindagee bhai halun sunaulo, harek naya din ma

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Kura hos mutu ko matra harek naya din ma

Har din sundar ra, raat roshani hos

Kushi haru ko hos bahar, harek din ma

timilai dekhe pachhi malai yasto lagchha

timilai sadhai bhari heri rahu jasto lagchha

pic source:

2. Nepali Model Akesha Bista

There are many more Nepali actress Akesha hot Pictures are available on the several net. But we have collected here unseen pictures of Akesha Nepali female beautiful photos.

Nepali Model Akasha Bista Glamour Picture Photoshoot



3. Nepali Model Bijaya Rai

Watch the hot Nepalese girl female, beautiful Nepalese female model, exclusive Nepalese young and glamor girl Bijaya Rai in Saree. She is one of the glamor female Nepali models in the Nepalese glamor world. unseen Nepali star Bijaya Rai in bikini stills. pic source:


Nepali Model Bijaya Rai Picture
Nepali Model Bijaya Rai Picture

4. Nepali Model and Singer Indira Joshi

See Cute Nepali female singer and unseen girl in the Nepalese singing or glamor industries. She is one of the hot cake of the Nepali entertainment world. She is also supposed as Sakira in Nepali singing world. pic source:

nepali singer and model indira joshi pictures glamour photos

5. Nepali Model and Actress Jiya KC

Jiya KC is one of lovely, sociable and cute Nepalese girl and girls actress. This hot girl, Actress Jiya KC has played in dozens of Nepali films. actress Jiya KC has acted in several Nepalese music video songs. Jiya KC actress has given some hit Nepali movies. She is one of the Nepalese glamourous celebrity in the Nepali film industries. Jiya KC female actress is supposed to hot cake on the Nepali film industries. pic source:

Nepali Model actress beautiful photos Jiya KC

आफ्नो सुन्दर ओठ लाई कुनै पर्दा मा लुकाउने गर्,
म अलिकती निर्लज्ज मान्छे हु, नजर ले चुमी हाल्ने गर्छु


6. Baby Thapa Nepali Model

Nepali Model Baby Thapa Picture
Nepali Model Baby Thapa Picture

Baby Thapa is the name of the hot star in the Nepal and rest of the world where Nepalese are living. At that time when Baby Thapa entered in the glamor city, she became famous. Watch Nepali young star Baby Thapa and model Baby Thapa girl unseen glamor spicy Stills images photos attractive, figured exclusive Baby Thapa photos. Baby Thapa Nepali model unseen Photos

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