Nepali Congress Election Candidates in CA Election 2013

Nepali Congress Party Flag

Nepali Congress Election Candidates. The Nepali Congress नेपाली काँग्रेस is a one of leading and popular political party of Nepal. Nepali Congress Election Candidates are more. They are in every election areas of 75 districts. Nepali Congress has long history in Nepali as leader of Nepali politics. It was established in 1947 AD. In Constituent Assembly elections 2008, Nepali congress had become the 2nd largest party in the country in terms of the total no. of seats in CA 2008. Now It is the again election on hands of Nepali population. Official website of Nepali congress is

Total no. of Nepali congress election candidates = 240
Total no. of Nepali congress election candidates (Male) = 215
Total no. of Nepali congress election candidates (Female) = 25

Nepali congress election candidates for election 2013 are 240. There are 240 Nepali congress candidates fighting for winning the CA 2013 member. Nepali congress election symbol is tree.

Election Symbol Nepal Congress

Nc election symbol

Nepali Congress Election Candidates


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