How Do Nepalese People Know, Understand, Speak Hindi Language

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Some of the questions you may have:

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How Do Nepalese People Know, Understand, Speak Hindi Language

Now get the solution of some of the questions.

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Nepal is the country of different languages and cultures which also includes the languages of least Hindi has spoken in some parts of Nepal. Nepal is not surrounded by their own original cultures and religions but is originated and then transferred from the India. many people of Nepal who is surviving and holding the citizenship of Nepal are Indian because their ancestor is Indian and had come in Nepal many years ago. The main things to know is that the prime minister of Nepal is also Indian born but their father and the forefather had come to Nepal many years ago.

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hindi nepali learning class understanding and speaking
Hindi Nepali words

Nepalese are internally and externally connected to the Indian cultures, living styles, and religions. As we the know that there are many religions and peoples who also works in Nepal and India both. Many Indians are operating their business in Nepal by holding the legal rights. India is not only the country of religions and languages only but also the country of God and Goddess born.

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Similarly, the Nepal is also the country of indefinite language and cultural, Nepal is religious free country. So there is no any intervention of religious acceptance but the community punish them and also if the hard decision is taken by the community then they may be sent out of the community and they are helpless from the local peoples. Talking to the language only, Nepalese are in large number who mostly speak the Nepalese and their own language in the home but they use and easily understand the Hindi.

The India and Nepal are treated as the two sons of one mother. So there is the construction of harmonious as the relationship between the people of India and Nepal also there is the construction of pool and bridge for the trade. Nepal is mostly depended upon the Indian goods and products import. The border side Nepalese are fully depend upon the Indian market as they are directly concerned with them. The Nepal and the Nepalese are also the brother and India respects the Nepalese. Recently, the government of India has announced the system of recruiting the Nepalese youth or person in the governmental job Himachal provinces. The Nepal and India can’t differentiate with any misconception and mischief. Nepalese are directly connected to Indian networks.

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Hindi learning class
at Hindi class

The Nepalese eat Indian products and wastes out the Indian product, they import the raw material from India and export the finished product in the other country. There are much Nepalese who have married Indian girls and there are many Indian who have married Nepalese girls.

Exchanges of cultural syndrome and religions effect are common in the Nepal. Due to open border with Nepal, there is no any checks and restrictions to enter for any things. There is coming and going of many people daily which also helps them to speak the Hindi. The relationship is daily conducted and formed with the Nepalese bride and Indian bridegroom, somewhere the Indian bride and Nepalese bridegroom. There is the marital relationship, brotherhood, and motherhood too. many people migrate to Nepal and some Nepalese also migrate to India. These relational chain makes the people know and speaks Hindi fluently.

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Moreover, there are many variables which make the Nepalese people understand and know the Hindi with following seculars:

How Do Nepalese People Know, Understand, Speak Hindi Language

1. Exchange of marital speculative:

The Nepal is not the country of large spaces and large people but there seen unity in diversity among the people. The persona and the Nepalese are resistible and adjustable with everyone and everywhere. The exchanging of bride and bridegroom is mostly seen in the Terai regions of Nepal where there is the fully matching of cultural and castes and religions. The Terai people makes the marriage and accept the system with the contract of conduction with both of the parties.

marriage rituals, customs, system in Madhesh, Nepal

The marriages are performed according to the systematic coordination with both parties if the bride of Nepal is doing in Nepal. The people of boy side came to attend the marriage in the ladies home in Nepal. There are arrangement and management of everything with placement and qualitative respect. So the transfer of boys and girls for marriage also teaches the language to know and speak Hindi. There is an exchange of languages and people communication to make the conversation. To make the conversation, there is need of language for the conduction of works and programs. The parties of both sides get the good pool to exchange the language and tradition with enthusiastic action.

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The marital performances mostly occur between the community of Madhesi which have a large number of heads living in the Terai. Terai people are most fluent in Hindi and Maithili which is spoken by the both side people of India and Nepal. The person doesn’t get any hesitate to speak even they don’t know to spokes. But the trying is not stop and continuing their conversation and statement in broken Hindi. The broken Hindi also stimulates the speaking power and later on the person become fluent in speaking English. So I think it is the also best and one of the valuable reasons to knowing of Hindi by the Nepalese people.

2. Sharing of trades:

Nepal industry and home are fully interdependence upon the Indian import. Nepal is the country of great unutilized and nonproductive country consisting the unlimited resources. The country and the people have to face many obstacles in the market and behavior while dealing with the Indian people. The people of India are also many depend upon the customers of Nepal. Serially, the border side shops and the market is fully depended upon the Nepalese customers and the Indian border side markets get only some income from the customers of Nepal.

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The Nepalese remote area people think that the India produced the goods itself and so the prices of the same product found in fewer prices than Nepal. The groups of Nepalese and villages do their trade and buy the grocery and homo commodity for the consumption in the Indian market. For doing this, situation of near market is also the one major competitive factors which are attracting the customers from the Nepalese territory. Moreover, the Nepalese great industry and great hospital are running with help of Indian medicines and product. India is supplying their many raw goods and finished goods to Nepal. Nepalese have no any productive lands which make the country and the farmers stable and economically strong.

Problems of Foreign Trade in Nepal with Solution

The fertile land is also going to divert as the barren land due to the not supply of proper diet and drinks to the lands. Nepal market consists a large number of the Indian product delivering to the every home of Nepalese. The personal and organizational needs can be only fulfilled by the Indian product. Because the India is the country who kept potentiality to manufactures all the goods and services with their own raw material. So while exchanging the trades there is dealing and communication which teaches the person to know and speak. More communication makes the man easiness to know and speaks which had made difficulties at earlier.

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How Do Nepalese People Understand, Speak the Hindi Language

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