Kathmandu Capital of Nepal : Facts & Information about Kathmandu Nepal

This post is fully dedicated to Kathmandu capital of Nepal, wide Information about Kathmandu Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital of country Nepal. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is located in the center of Nepal. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is a famous place to visit.

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Kathmandu Capital of Nepal : Facts & Information about Kathmandu Nepal

Nepal ‘नेपाल’ is a landlocked country located in the south centre of Asia. It is situated between two great countries of the world, The Peoples Republic of China in its north and the Republic of India to its South. It is an elongated country with India on both the narrow east, south and west ends and with Tibet on the north.

kathmandu, nepal- capital of nepal
Kathmandu capital of Nepal

Kathmandu, the capital of the Himalayan kingdom is the largest metropolitan city in Nepal and the nation’s historical centre. Kathmandu has country’s varied population and boasts a distinctive, age-old religious influence visible in the daily life of its inhabitants. The word Kathmandu is derived from ‘Kasthmandap’ (literally “Wood-Covered Shelter”) in Sanskrit, a pagoda-style temple. It is a three-storied temple situated in Maru tole of Kathmandu and one of the largest and most noted pagodas of Nepal.

Kathmandu capital of Nepal has 218 square miles (360 square kilometers) of land with three historic, artistic and cultural towns namely Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur together form known as ‘Kathmandu Valley’. Measuring 24 km east-west and 19 km north-south, the Kathmandu valley has are seven UNESCO world heritage sites in the valley. Acronym of Kathmandu is ‘KTM’. Kathmandu valley is the hub of Nepal’s political, commercial and traditional culture and arts. Kathmandu valley is an exotic and fascinating showcase of a very rich culture, art, and tradition. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is the place for rest, relaxation and easy-day sightseeing of historic and artistic temples and monuments, and mountain views.

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The Kathmandu Valley consists of three historic cities: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The cities of the Kathmandu valley are filled with medieval temples and palaces. The Kathmandu Valley was known as the Nepal Valley during Malla Period. After the unification of Kathmandu in 1825, Prithivi Narayan Shah made Kathmandu the capital of unified kingdom. Prithivi Narayan Shah ruling from Basantapur Palace. Later he constructed the Nautale Durbar in Basantapur.

In ancient period, the designation ‘Nepal’ was largely applied only to the Kathmandu Valley. Thus up to the unification of the country, Nepal’s history is largely the history of Kathmandu Valley. We do not have any authentic records or evidences of the history of ancient period of Nepal. The term Nepal’ used to mean only the Kathmandu Valley in earlier period.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is the capital city of Nepal stands at an elevation of approx. 4,600 ft (1,400 metres) above the sea level in the bowl-shaped. Kathmandu valley is surrounded by four major mountains, namely: Shivapuri, Phulchowki, Nagarjun, and Chandragiri.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is also the headquarters of the Central Region (Madhyamanchal) among the five development regions.  It is located in the Bagmati Zone among 14 administrative zones of Nepal. It is inhabited by 17 million (2011 Census) people.

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is not only the gateway to Nepal Tourism but also the nerve centre of the country’s economy.

Kathmandu capital of Nepal city has a rich history nearly 3000 years old as inferred from an inscription in the valley. Its religious affiliations are Hindu and Buddhism. Besides these, people of other religious beliefs also live in Kathmandu giving it a cosmopolitan culture.

Nepali is the common language of the Kathmandu, though many speak the Nepal Bhasa (Newari). English is also understood by all of the educated population of the city. The literacy rate is 98% in the city.

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Kathmandu Capital of Nepal : Facts & Information about Kathmandu Nepal

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