National Heroes / Personalities / Luminaries of Nepal

National Heroes / Personalities / Luminaries of Nepal

National Heroes of Nepal is only offered a Nepalese people for their contributions to the pride of the nation is it in religious, cultural or economic reforms, wartime bravery, to the cause of democracy, literature, architecture.

National heroes of Nepal is also known as national hero of Nepal, Nepali national heroes of Nepal,  national personalities of Nepal,  national luminaries of Nepal. We have here in this page about example national heroes of Nepal with photos of national heroes of Nepal. You can get national heroes of Nepal research information. Get the list of national personalities of Nepal. or Find here list of national luminaries of Nepal. All names of our national personalities of Nepal is given below with their contribution. There are national and international personalities of Nepal. 

Throughout the history of Nepal, various persons have contributed to the nation. Because of their contribution to the nation and society, they are respected as the “National luminaries (sapnta). Some of them gave up their lives, and others their labour, knowledge and property for the nation and its art and literature. There are innumerable persons in our county whom we remember as important persons. Among them, a very few are listed as being the national luminaries. A committee, chaired by Bal Krishna Sama, had declared 13 persons as the national luminaries in 2018 BS. In the 2050s, two other persons have been included in the list: Pasang Lhamu Sherpa (2055) and Shankhdhar Shakhwa (2056). In 2066, Kirat Mahaguru, Falgunananda has also been included in the list of national luminaries. Now, altogether, seventeen (17) persons have been declared the national luminaries. The following is the brief introduction to each of them.

  1. King Janak
  2. Sita
  3. Amshuverma
  4. King Ram Sham
  5. Amar Singh Thapa
  6. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
  7. Mahaguru Falgunanda (Kirat)
  8. BalBhadra Kunwar
  9. Bhimsen Thapa
  10. Arniko
  11. King Tribhuvan
  12. King Prithivi Narayan Shah
  13. Gautam Buddha
  14. Bhanubhakta Acharya
  15. Moti Ram Bhatta
  16. Sankhadhar Sakkw

National heroes of Nepal and their Contribution to the Nepal

  1. Sage Janak: national luminaries of Nepal 

King janak name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosJanak was the king of Mithila, known as Janakpur these days; he was a religious and spiritual-minded person and a follower of Brahma. He lived his life as a sage, always studying religious books and philosophy. He gave more importance to soul and spirit than the mere physical body. He had great respect of intellectuals, sages, Yogis and pundits. He patronized many intellectuals, including women. Maitreyi and Gargi were notable women intellectuals who graced his court. In his court, he used to have discussions and debates among sages and intellectuals on religion, Bhakti (devotion), Moksha (salvation), scriptures (shruti), and civic policies (Neeti). During his period, all the people in his state were happy, prosperous and secure. During the reign of king Janak, Mithila was the centre for knowledge and learning. Therefore, he was famous in the ancient Mithila region as well as across the entire Bharatvarsha (the greater India).

  1. Sita: national luminaries of Nepal 

goddess sita name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosSita was the daughter of king Janak and wife of Lord Rama. Hindus worship her as Janaki Mata (Goddess Janaki). She is respected for her personal character, toleration and patience. She was an ideal person with full of virtues. It is believed that she never compromised her virtue even if she suffered many difficulties in her life.

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