National Heroes / Personalities / Luminaries of Nepal

National Heroes / Personalities / Luminaries of Nepal

National Heroes of Nepal is only offered a Nepalese people for their contributions to the pride of the nation is it in religious, cultural or economic reforms, wartime bravery, to the cause of democracy, literature, architecture.

National heroes of Nepal is also known as national hero of Nepal, Nepali national heroes of Nepal,  national personalities of Nepal,  national luminaries of Nepal. We have here in this page about example national heroes of Nepal with photos of national heroes of Nepal. You can get national heroes of Nepal research information. Get the list of national personalities of Nepal. or Find here list of national luminaries of Nepal. All names of our national personalities of Nepal is given below with their contribution. There are national and international personalities of Nepal. 

Throughout the history of Nepal, various persons have contributed to the nation. Because of their contribution to the nation and society, they are respected as the “National luminaries (sapnta). Some of them gave up their lives, and others their labour, knowledge and property for the nation and its art and literature. There are innumerable persons in our county whom we remember as important persons. Among them, a very few are listed as being the national luminaries. A committee, chaired by Bal Krishna Sama, had declared 13 persons as the national luminaries in 2018 BS. In the 2050s, two other persons have been included in the list: Pasang Lhamu Sherpa (2055) and Shankhdhar Shakhwa (2056). In 2066, Kirat Mahaguru, Falgunananda has also been included in the list of national luminaries. Now, altogether, seventeen (17) persons have been declared the national luminaries. The following is the brief introduction to each of them.

  1. King Janak
  2. Sita
  3. Amshuverma
  4. King Ram Sham
  5. Amar Singh Thapa
  6. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa
  7. Mahaguru Falgunanda (Kirat)
  8. BalBhadra Kunwar
  9. Bhimsen Thapa
  10. Arniko
  11. King Tribhuvan
  12. King Prithivi Narayan Shah
  13. Gautam Buddha
  14. Bhanubhakta Acharya
  15. Moti Ram Bhatta
  16. Sankhadhar Sakkw

National heroes of Nepal and their Contribution to the Nepal

  1. Sage Janak: national luminaries of Nepal 

King janak name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosJanak was the king of Mithila, known as Janakpur these days; he was a religious and spiritual-minded person and a follower of Brahma. He lived his life as a sage, always studying religious books and philosophy. He gave more importance to soul and spirit than the mere physical body. He had great respect of intellectuals, sages, Yogis and pundits. He patronized many intellectuals, including women. Maitreyi and Gargi were notable women intellectuals who graced his court. In his court, he used to have discussions and debates among sages and intellectuals on religion, Bhakti (devotion), Moksha (salvation), scriptures (shruti), and civic policies (Neeti). During his period, all the people in his state were happy, prosperous and secure. During the reign of king Janak, Mithila was the centre for knowledge and learning. Therefore, he was famous in the ancient Mithila region as well as across the entire Bharatvarsha (the greater India).

  1. Sita: national luminaries of Nepal 

goddess sita name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosSita was the daughter of king Janak and wife of Lord Rama. Hindus worship her as Janaki Mata (Goddess Janaki). She is respected for her personal character, toleration and patience. She was an ideal person with full of virtues. It is believed that she never compromised her virtue even if she suffered many difficulties in her life.

  1. Gautam Buddha: national luminaries of Nepal 

Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini in 563 BC. After years of meditation, he attained enlightenment; thus, he became the Buddha or the Enlightened one. His teachings and principles are known as Buddhism. Lumbini is the source and inspiration of peace in the world. He preached peace, non-violence, and sympathy for fellow beings. Every one respects him as the founder of peace and non-violence. His principles are more useful in the present day society as they care for lasting peace and promote tolerence.

  1. Amshu Verma: national luminaries of Nepal 

amshuverma name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosHe was one of the famous persons from the Lichchhhavi period. He led the country as a strong and independant territory. He helped   spread the name and fame of the country in Tibet, China, and India. He also ran the administration in an efficient way. He is also known for his book Shabda Vidya. A Chinese traveller, Huen Tsang. has explained about his popularity and ability in his diary. During his period. Nepali art and architecture reached to its height. Although no longer surviving, his palace, the Kailashkut Bhawan. is believed to be a great specimen of excellent architecture. As a result, the Lichchhavi period is also called the Golden Period in the history of Nepal.

  1. Ram Shah: national luminaries of Nepal 

ram shah name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosRam Shah was the king of Gorkha: he was famous for dispensing justice to people. He brought in many reforms in the economic, social, religious and legal systems of the state. He made it sure that justice was easily available to ordinary people. Because of his reputation for providing justice to people. the legend has it that anyone deprived from justice should go to Gorkha (Nyaya Napaya Gorkha Janu).

  1. Amar Singh Thapa: national luminaries of Nepal

amar-singh-thapa name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosAmar Singh Thapa was a brave soldier and warrior. He led the Nepalese army during the Anglo-Nepal War (1814-1816 AD). Amar Singh took the responsibility of protecting western Nepal against the attack of the East India Company. He had a great responsibility and fought valiantly to protect the sovereignty and existence of the nation. When the war ended with the Treaty of Sugauli in 1816, Nepal lost its territory to British India. Amar Singh Thapa was against the treaty and it made him very unhappy. Historians believe that due to this, he became an ascetic and went to Gosainkunda to find peace of mind. He breathed the last there.

7. Bhimsen Thapa: National Hero of Nepal

Bhimsen-thapa-name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosBhimsen Thapa was one of the famous Prime Ministers of Nepal. He reformed the army and the social system. It is said that he tried to unite the entire South Asia to fight against British imperialism. He was a great patriot and a nationalist. Credit goes to him for building the Dharahara (the minar) of Kathmandu.

8. Balbhadra Kunwar : National Hero of Nepal

Balbhadra-Kunwar-name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosLike Amar Singh Thapa, Bala Bhadra Kunwar was a great soldier of Nepal. During the Anglo-Nepal War, he showed the bravery of Nepali people in the battle of Nalapani. Although they were heavily outnumbered and poorly equipped, Nepalese army, under his command, fought against the army of the East India Company. Due to his heroism and bravery, he even received praise from his enemies, the British army generals. The British honoured him installing an inscription in memory of his bravery.

9. Bhanu Bhakta Acharya: National Hero of Nepal

Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was born in 1814 in Tanahu. He translated the epic Ramayana into Nepali language and wrote many books of poetry. Because of his great contribution to Nepali literature, he received the title of aadi kavi (the first poet). Although Prithivi Narayan Shah unified the country in terms of territory, it was Bhanu Bhakta Acharya, who through his works in Nepali language, unified the nation in cultural sense.

10. Motiram Bhatta: national luminaries of Nepal

moti-ram-bhatta name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosAlthough Motiram Bhatta died young at the age of 30, he left a number of praise-worthy works. Credit goes to Motiram for introducing and popularizing Bhanu Bhakta Acharya’s works. He also identified Bhanubhakta as being the first poet of Nepal; literature. Motiram is also known as Yuba Kabi (the young poet). He is also refusec to as a Shringgarik Kabi for his highly sensuous love poems.

11. King Tribhuvan: national luminaries of Nepal

He is believed to have played a crucial role in the inception of Prajaparishad, the first political party of Nepal. He took part in the democratic movement against the Rana regime. He is credited for introducing democracy in Nepal.1

12. Shankhadhar Shakhwa: national personalities of Nepal

sankhadhar-sakhwa name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosIt is believed that Shankadhar Shakhwa made the country debt-free by paying of people’s debt from his personal means or effort. He was a businessperson and a social worker. It is said that he collected gold from the sand from Bishnumati River and earned money. According to another belief, he was a great merchant in Tibet, where he earned sufficient money and paid off the debt of country and people. To mark such an occasion of freedom, a new era of Nepal Sambat was introduced in 937 BS during the reign of king Raghabdev.

13. Kirat Mahaguru Falgunanda: national personalities of Nepal

falgunanda name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosHe was born in Illam in 1942 BS. The great Chumlung (assembly) of Kirats was called by him in 1988 BS. He was against the use of alcohol and animal sacrifice in religious shrines. He urged the Kirat people to get educated and not to discriminate between a son and daughter. He died in 2005 BS at the age of 63. He was declared national luminary on 16th Mangsir 2066 BS.

14. Prithvi Narayan Shah: national luminaries of Nepal

Prithvi_Narayan_Shah name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosPrithivi Narayan Shah unified the then-divided nation of Nepal. Therefore, he is considered to be the founder of modern Nepal. He spent his entire life for the countn. mainly building a unified and larger nation. Originally, the king of Gorkha, Prithivi Narayan Shah annexed small principalities into one sovereign state. He extended Nepal’s territory toward the east, and his successors extended it to Kumaun in the west. H:s heart was filled with patriotism. He was a brave warrior and a skilled organizer, he was equally farsighted and industrious. He always dreamt of a greater, prosperous and glorious country. He protected the nation from the East India Company. His policies and ideas about nationality, self-reliance, and foreign relations a collected in the book called Dibyopadesh (the great teaching).

15. Araniko: national luminaries of Nepal

Araniko’s real name was Balabahu. In fourteen century BS, he led a group of 80 artists to China on the invitation of Chinese emperor, Kublai Khan. He built many temples and monuments in Tibet and China. Among them. Sweta Pagoda (the white pagoda) of Beijing is the most famous one. He helped spread Nepali culture and architecture in China as well as in East Asia. Chinese people fondly called him “Araniko” (meaning womanly face) and Minghoi (meaning talented and skilled person).

16. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa: Nepali national heroes of Nepal

pasang lhyamu sherpa name of national heroes luminaries personalities of Nepal pictures photosShe is the first Nepalese woman to climb Mount Everest in 2050 BS. Unfortunately, she died caught in an avalanche while descending from the summit. She displayed an uncommon bravery and has become an inspiration for Nepali women.

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