Mount Everest- Located in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Mount Everest (Mt. Everest) is located in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first reached the peak of the highest mountain on Earth.

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The Sagarmatha national park is the world’s highest national park located above 3000 meter (9700 ft.). This park was established in 2032 B.S. (1975 AD). It lies in the north of Khumbu region and in Solukhumbu district. Sagarmatha National Park is a protected area in the Himalayans of eastern Nepal. The total area of this park is 1148 sq. kilometers (443 sq mi). The highest peak of the world Mount Everest (Sagarmatha) and other important peaks lie in this region. This park extends to Imja Khola in the south and Tibet of china in the north which is the international border and upper part of Dudhkoshi River. This park was included in the  list of World Heritage Site in the year 2039 B.S (19th July, 1976) as ‘contains superlative natural beauty and is of great aesthetic importance’. This park was created on 19th July, 1976 and was inscribed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1979.


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Most of this Sagarmatha park area is very rugged and steep, with its terrain cut by deep rivers and glaciers. Sagarmatha national park is an exceptional area with dramatic mountains, glaciers and deep valleys. The highest peak in the world (Mt. Everest – 8848m) and other several well-known peaks such as Lhotse, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, Pumoori, Amadablam, Ama Dablam, Thamsherku, Kwangde, Kangtaiga and Gyanchyung Kang are located in this park. Bhotekoshi, Dudhkoshi, and Imja Khola are major watersheds of this region.

There is high mountainous environment in this area. The important vegetable of the park are Gobre salla, Thingre salla, hemlock fir, juniper, birch, rhododendron, etc. Flowers like rhododendron increase the beauty of this park during spring season. Himalayan thar, snow leopard, musk deer, wolf, polar bear, Ghoral, Jharal are the important wildlife of this park. Different bird species are found in this area such as Danfe (lophophorus), Chilime, wild cock, snow cock, Lalchuche, Himchuche, Himkukhura etc. Endangered animals are Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Red Panda, Wild Yak and Himalayn Black Bear residing in this park.

This national park is supposed to be important in the view of cultural heritage. This park is famous for various Buddhist monasteries such as Tengboche, Pangboche, Thame. It provides education on Buddhism. It is one of the best destinations for tourists. This park is also of major religious and cultural significance in Nepal. It is the homeland of the Sherpas. Trekking sites, Sherpas culture (unique, compared with other high-altitude dwellers), wildlife and rich bio-diversity attract the tourists here.

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Mount Everest- Located in Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

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