How to Go Nepal From USA – Things to Know Before Going Nepal

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How to get to Nepal from the USA

Nepalese are more passionate about to see the design and the pictures of the America because the America have made their identity unique and the attraction. The America have many special features which allow the ring bell for once even to keep the feet in America land. The flying dream in the desire can’t be fulfilled by the drawing in the whitepaper. And also there lives much Nepalese which are growing and shaping their future and some are seeking their future in America.

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But the reasons comes whiles the wish to visit homeland, have disconnected from the long. The memory and the reminiscence sometimes visit the places without permission where we grew up and played, educated. The motherland is the land, connected to our not only heart but directly to the soul because our identification is added to it.

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The Nepalese are Nepalese only proved by our motherland, that keeps our personality and identity outstanding. The following are the major some process which will provide you help to get rid out of the boundary of the America.

Passport clearance:

for traveling and going out of the America your passport must meet the requirement for approvement. The passport is the main document which is your citizenship which differentiates you are the legal person or illegal. If you aren’t able to match the requirement then you can be fall in the pit of the problem. The dream of looking the motherland can be the dream designed in the mind. There are much Nepalese who may are illegally living in America due to their personal problem which is not connected to this matter.

Visa approval:

If you get the visa from the Nepalese embassy which is located in the America then you can clearly without any objection come here. The main error occurs in taking the visa from the Nepal embassy due to many sudden and technological problems.  If the visa you got from the Nepali embassy then you have run for a second procedure.

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Ticket booking:

It is the last and important factors which you have to do for your willing project. The person in America even got bored after long time living. The culture and the living standard is totally different which affects the Nepalese to survive more and can’t adjust for a long time.

Booking flights
Booking flights


The travel depends upon your choice how to enjoy and spend the time that you have. A person or the Nepalese actually spend and are mature in nature. But thinking profit for short time might make you fall for a long time. So always think before doing the work. The right selection gets the right fruits. If you are flying in the good plane then you will surely get the destiny.  The motherland is always waiting for their lovable children who is helpful and patriotic in nature. Nepal is the country of heaven where the God only takes birth and the land is divine which wash all the sin of feet keepers.

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How to Go Nepal From USA – Things to Know Before Going Nepal

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