How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest From Start to Finish

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how long does it take to climb mount Everest from start to finish?

Climbing mount Everest is the greatest thing that people wish and the first step to thinking for climbing is also the great thing. A person is successful only after designing the platform of the goal. The man without aim where does it go. The ship without address where does it go. Similarly, if the person does not have the aim to reach there then he or she has not treated a the actual human beings. But to think big and to dream big is not anyone’s under. The person who dreams big is mostly the great mind or the great performer.

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The warrior without any training does not go in the big battle even not in the small. So it’s also the great opportunity to make the person name and fame immortal. The man dies but their works never die if he or she had contributed something for the society or the nation. As we all know that the person can easily earn the money but the name is not in the upper pit. The name makes the person shine like the diamond. The contribution and their help to the people will be always in the mind and in the people thought. If you are in the search of diamond make yourself stronger and be ready to burn in the high voltage of fire. The success is not sold in the market like the commodity which can be anytime purchased with the money. it’s the position and the stand that makes the person immortal.

arunima sinha mount everest climber
Arunima Sinha mount everest climber

There are many ways to reach the top of the Everest that may be from the south face and north face. It depends upon the wish and will of the climber. But we can see the report of the climber, many have climbed from both side while some have from the south only and north only. Climbing any high mountain like Mount Everest is all about acclimatizing your body, getting used to the thin air, which is why the entire climb can take 6 to 8 weeks to reach its summit. The man has ability and capacity that determines their potentiality to achieve and receive from anything or any substances. There are many climbers who have reached the summit at 8 hours and 10 hours. It depends upon your speed of walking and crossing the problems and difficulties. You have to first arrive at the base camp then you can choose the option through which way we go will be better.

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It is not the common factor that the person or the climber take the fixed and constant time after resting at Base Camp for three or four nights the next part of your acclimatization will be to ascend up to Camp one for the night and then continue to Camp 2 at the base of Lhotse for a couple of nights. The next steps of the journey start from there in a snowy way. The hurricane and the death zone also stops your steps for some time. It will be better for you if you are climbing with group otherwise, the person gets very less chance to return from there. Because in the top of the mountain there is very thin ozone layer and the problems in breathing also occur due to less oxygen.

So the climber mostly travels with their all need substances and the equipment. The resting came should be made in the way to give some rest to the body and the legs. The weather changes suddenly in the mountain so it becomes difficult to determine the temperature and to plan the fortune policy of journey. After a few days rest you will then climb up through the ice fall to the Western Cwm where Camp 1 is located, you will stay here for two nights before heading back down to Base Camp. You can cure and remade your body ready for traveling. The energy package should have to open to make your body stronger and fittable. The bags full of the energetic product helps you to rise and shine again in the journey. The feelings of the top of the world will be the brightest and the empowering emotions, your crying sound of happiness may make sweep the sky.

The circumstances and the blockade in the way obligate you to stay in the different camp. The summit push will see you ascend right up to Camp 2 for two nights and then up to Camp 3 for the night.The follow morning you will ascend up to Camp 4 on the South Col. At Camp 4 you will be breathing oxygen to help your body acclimatize and to keep you warm. It is important to rest as much as possible but just as important is to try and eat and drink. You usually leave Camp 4 for the summit between 9 pm and midnight, aiming to be on the top of the world early in the morning.

This gives you plenty of time to descend to Camp 4 or further down before it gets dark. The journey and the resting in the camp provides you the energy to fights and bounce back with the obstacles and the problems. The camp is made for the solution of the problem that have to face by the climber. To diminish the dozen of difficulties Everest base camp has organized and managed the different camps in the distancial way.

In the other statement, we can emphasize that the person who thinks to climb the mount Everest is not the common man. It is seen that the climber who plans to climb the Everest has already climbed and practiced in the other mountains. Being mountaineers, finally plan of them is to climb on the top of the world to create the history. Besides, not only the climber receive only the name but also the grade citizenship respect and value.

The person respect and the award that is provided by the government and the love and blessing done by the people have priceless value. The man who had contribute their all life in mountaineering from their country are always in the history of their country and the world will read their story. Nobody born with the natural power and intellectual power that he or she can create anything like miracle. The gold have to be burn in the fire to be more outshine. So to become the shineful and the spend respectful life do the big, contribute the big and help the human and follow the humanity.

Finally, the answer for your question how long does it take to climb mount Everest from start to finish is around two months.

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How Long Does it Take to Climb Mount Everest From Start to Finish

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