50 Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Facebook Friends

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Happy Birthday wishing messages for facebook friends

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Needless to say, birthdays are special to everyone and surprises and gifts on the day of birthday are surely a thing to be cherished. Apart from this, people close to you will be very glad to even get a birthday message from you. Sometimes, we may get confused as for how to make a person happy through a message on a birthday.

The secret to it is not the high sounding words like you might think but instead, a message with sincerity is the key. That’s right! You can let them know how special they are and how glad you are to have them and how you cherish the memories spent together with them on your message right from the bottom of your heart and it will surely make them happy. Emotions and thoughts in the message are what really matters.

Birthday Wishing Messages SMS Status Greeting Cards for Facebook Friends

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Wishing on birthday for friends you have on facebook is the same thing. What really counts are sincerity, emotions and thoughts that are reflected by your birthday message. While Facebook is a means of keeping in touch with people who you already know, it is also a means of meeting and becoming friends with new people. These people can be part a Facebook group, that share an interest that you have, they can share posts that you find to be relevant, or you can have other people in common with them, on Facebook.

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50 Happy Birthday Wishing Messages for Facebook Friends

Given here, are 50 short and sweet Birthday Wishes for your facebook friends who have positively impacted your life:

1. Today is a special day for me as it is your birthday and I want this to be known by the whole world so here I am, posting it onto your wall and I hope my wishes reach your heart as well. Happy birthday dear 

2. Happy birthday to an awesome person I have known for a long time. I hope you day becomes joyful and your future and wish for your bright future.

3. Here’s your birthday and here to the celebrations. Cheers!!

4. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Best wishes.

5. Happy birthday, dearest. May happiness and success bound you not only this day but on every day ahead of you.

6. Many many happy returns of the day to you. Lots of love and hugs!

7. I take this opportunity on your birthday to let you know you are a very special friend to me and the dearest one. I wish your days to be filled with pure joy and happiness.

8. I have waited a lot to tell how special you are for me. And, what day would be good rather than your birthday! So, a special friend of mine, I wish you happy returns of the day with a sincere heart of mine. I wish for you to be always happy and success to always kiss your feet.

9. I want everyone to pay attention to me wishing to my best friend. The birthday celebrant is not only a friend but a family to me. And hereby, I pledge my loyalty to this friend to be always by his side throughout the thick and thins of life.

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10. I am thankful for you to always be by my side and happy that we have passed many joyful moments together. Happy birthday to you.

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11. We are not just friends but siblings. Only this description would bring just to our relationship. Happy birthday to you.

12. The first thing I wanted to do was to inscribe the happy birthday post to your wall. Though we may not have met but I have always felt the special nexus between us. Wish you a very happy birthday. Love and care 

13. I want you to spend your special day with your special person. And, that would of course be me 😛 Jokes apart, just want to wish a cheerful birthday to a beautiful soul.

14. I wish you for a long life, a long one that would be filled with lots of cherishable memories. Happiest birthday.

15. You are the friend that I can always count on, the one who turns rain into rainbows and brings spring even in the coldest of the winter. Happy birthday beautiful, on the outside as well as inside. Love you!

16. You are a special person and this is evinced by many of people who have wished you today and here I am, joining the rest of the world to wish you. Happy birthday!

17. The birthday comes once in a year so I hope you make it the best one in the year! Have a fun filled birthday!

18. Have a blast on your special day, happy birthday!

19. I find it my privilege to wish you on your birthday. Happiest birthday. Warm wishes and greetings on your way. Take care.

20. I know that I cannot do anything much on your birthday. However, joining the rest of the world to wish you would not be a bad idea. So, happy birthday to you!!

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21. I don’t want to be left out when everyone is wishing you on this special day of yours. Happy birthday dear one.

22. The joy that was filled in the atmosphere when you were born, the birthday is to bring out the same effect every year. And, I want you to feel the same joy on this day. Happy returns of the day.

23. With every birthday, your wrinkles may increase but I want to you to take it in a positive way. Think of those as fine lines as the one which adds to your wisdom dear. Happy birthday.

24. Don’t be afraid of growing older because when you get older, you get wiser. Be happy about the wisdom you gain, the person you become.  Happy birthday.

25. Happy birthday dearest Facebook friend. I hope this connection grows as days passes. Take care.

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