General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers

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Find here 68 General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers. We have posted here General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers. Get updates with latest and old General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers about history, banking, economy, trade, business, relation, mountain, Himalayas, etc.

68 General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers

1. In order to run the national volunteer service campaign, when did the Government of Nepal establish the ‘Naya Nepal Nirman Kosh’ (New Nepal Building Fund)?
-29 Magh, 2069

2. Which is the South Asian nation that has prohibited the sale of cigarette in its territory?
-Bhutan (since 2004 AD), first in the whole world

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3. What is the new name of the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and Transport Management?
-Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Management

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4. When was an agreement signed with the Three Gorges of China to construct the West Seti Hydroelectricity Project?
-17 Falgun, 2068

5. Which is the largest bilateral donor to Nepal?

6. With the slogan ‘Ek ghar ek charpi, najikai dhara, disamukta desh banaun lagi paraun sara’ (One house one latrine, tap nearby, let’s make open defecation free nation; let’s all strive’, when was the thirteenth national sanitation week organized?
-23-29 Jeth, 2069

7. When did Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao arrive in Kathmandu on his one-day visit?
-30 Paush, 2068

8. Who inaugurated the Global Summit on Changing Vihar organized in Patna, the capital of Vihar, on 5 Falgun, 2068?
-Prime Minister. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

9. According to the report made public by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) on 26 July, 2011, what is the rank of Nepal on the basis of direct foreign investment?
– 134th (in the recent times, no improvement found in the environment of foreign investment in Nepal)

10. What is the share of Nepal in the total trade of the least developed countries (LDC’s)?
– 0.6%

11. When was the Nepal-India Trade Treaty last signed?
– 27 Oct, 2009

12. Who is the author of novel’Ghanachakkar’?
-Sanjeev Uprety

13. Who is the person to get his name written in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest person in the world?
– Turkish Sultan Kosen (8.1 feet)

By what percent was the list of sensitive commodities decided to reduce by the fourth ministerial level meeting of SAFTA held in Kathmandu in Oct. 2009?
– 20%

14. When did Girija Prasad Koirala, a leading personality of democratic movement die?
– Chaitra 7, 2066

15. When was Nepal Tourism Year 2011 formally inaugurated?
– 30 Paush, 2067

General Knowledge About Nepal Questions and Answers

16. When did Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, a founder leader of the Nepali Congress and former Prime Minister pass away?
-20 Falgun, 2067

17. How many places of Nepal have been declared wetlands (simsar) now?
– 9

18. Where is the Biodiversity Information established?
– Tikauii, Chitwan

19. When did Sai Baba, a famous spiritual guru of India pass away?
-24 April, 2011

20. When did Tul Bahadur Pun, a Victoria Cross winner, pass away?
– 7 Baishakh, 2068 (Aged 92, in Myagdi)

21. Which is the hospital to start the telemedicine service in Nepal?
– Om Hospital (2 Kartik, 2061) through Appolo Hospital

22. Which national figure of Nepal is known as ‘Himalki Chhori’?
— Pasang Lhamu Sherpa

23. Which intellectual said, “Where the politicians are corrupt, the country collapses”? , –

24. Where did Jung Bahadur Rana die?
— Pattharghatta, Rautahat

25. When did the session of the first elected House of Representatives begin?
– 16 Asar, 2016

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