Who Was The First Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Who was the first woman to climb mount Everest?

I  think there exists rarely the person who don’t know about the greatest peak of the world that is a mount Everest. The mount Everest is also the slogan of becoming a success and proving the success in the world history. People get reward publically and treated also as the welfare man for the nation. The country and the people become pride on her or his glory. The Everest is the top of the world which signifies the person most top of the world. The great positive recognition way to achieve is to climb the mount, Everest. There exist many great people who have made their name immortal by digging the flag of their country on the top of the world.

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The world now-now better that the woman can also conquer the world as shown in the history of climbing on the mount Everest. The name and the country also respect with great expectation and pride for making the country name glorified. The steps of the climber never get stops while forwarding their legs on the path of achieving the great posts that is the feet on the top of the world.

Junko tabei first woman to climb mount Everest
Junko tabei- first woman to climb mount Everest

The name which comes from the japan had spread the message to the world that the girls of our country can also do the great works that man can do. The world also gets chance to know that the girls have the power to conquered the world if she wants.

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The woman is JUNKO TABEI reach the top of the mount Everest firstly and broadcast the message to the world to raise the internal power of the girl representing the power of a woman. With great sorrow and best condolence, recently she reached to god’s palace. The woman belongs from japan told the world and increase the motivational power to the woman to get victory over ant obstacles if you really fight with them. The problems can never be big than the solution, It depends upon you thinking structures how you take it either easily or hardly.

Junko tabei first woman to climb mount Everest
Junko tabei

Giving continuity to her climbing, Junko Tabei had already reached the peak of Mount Fuji, as well as the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Her reputation as an accomplished mountain climber was solidified by 1972 in Japan. In 1992, Junko Tabei also became the first woman to join the Seven Summits Club, following her success climb of Puncak Jaya in Indonesia.

The great mount Everest located on the border of China and Nepal, Mount Everest is 29,029 feet tall and is the tallest mountain in the world.

The first woman to climb Mount Everest conquers Japanese climber named Junko Tabei who reached the summit at the age of 35. She completed her climb of Everest on May 16, 1975, and was accompanied by her Sherpa guide, Ang Tshering. As she made her country Japan more prideful in the including country name in the list of conquerors. The Japan government have respected her with many medal and prize and had given the respect of great citizens.

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Who Was The First Woman to Climb Mount Everest

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