First Bengali Woman to Climb Mount Everest

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Chhanda Gayen born on July 1979 – 20 May 2014 was a Bengali mountaineer, martial artist, explorer, teacher of self-defense. The man or the woman from any country does not determine that these people are only born for creating the history. The history can be made by anyone in the playground and it determines on his or her ability and capability. The girl from Bengal has made the record to scale mount, Everest. Exposing the power of a woman, she has shown the world and become the learning story for another woman that they Can do too.

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She is also best known for being a first civilian woman from the Indian state of West Bengal to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. She successfully countered on the Everest at 7 A.M. on 18 May 2013. She summited Mount Everest and Lhotse in 2013 in the same expedition. Waving and planting the flag of the India has made and rewarded with different award and prize. She was awarded as “Sera Avishkar” in Sera Bangali in 2013 from ABP Ananda on8 August 2013.

Chhanda Gayen
Chhanda Gayen

The morning shows the day is approved used in her life. She started learning the climbing and collecting the information of the mountains and the hills for the upgrading there will power accordingly. She started with a basic rock climbing training from the Institute of Exploration in 1998. The man from the many countries has recorded in the comparison of the female climber. The woman of the present era is nowadays participating in many adventurous works.

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In 1998 She joined a rock climbing Basic Course organized by The Institute of Explorations, Kolkata at Susunia Hils, Bankura, WB followed by Standard Course, organized by the Gorabazar Baharampur Town Club, WB in 2005 at the same Hills. she completed basic mountaineering courses from HMI (Darjeeling) with an advanced mountaineering training course In 2006 which made her more nervous and ideal to grow up strongly. Female are forwarding the steps in many developing works and contributing works. She has never looked her hope and never become hopeless. The woman with strong will power has died in Everest avalanche.

More facts about her

1. She attended Alpine Climbing Camp 2007 arranged by Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.

2. She prepared herself with a deep groundwork for being mountaineering instructor through MOI from HMI.

3. In 2012, she additionally attended an adventure trekking camp organized by the Himalayan Nature and Adventure foundation.

4. In 2007, she summited Mount Fluted.

5. In 2008, she reached the vertex of both Mount Yogin 1 and Mount Yogin 3, which was an Indian record for a woman.

6. In 2009, she expedition at Mount Gangotri

7. In 2011, She participated in 17 IMS East Zone sports Climbing competitions.

8. In 2011she reached the zenith of Mount Manirang.

9. A new world record again committed by him, after summited Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse in the same expedition in 2013,

10. She had attempted many training and seminar which made her journey east to touch the destiny.

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First Bengali Woman to Climb Mount Everest

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