Who Was The First African American to Climb Mount Everest

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who was the first African American to climb mount, Everest?

MOUNT Everest is not only the point and height of the Nepal only but the person who reach there also becomes as popular as the mount Everest. It’s the succeeding point and succession plan to reach there. The height of the person denotes the person’s work and creates the new identity. A person has many things that make them popular after achieving the artificial success. But to climb on the mount Everest is regarded as the natural success which does not have any cost of success.

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Man are struggling all days and almost every timer in the search of success but it’s happening like the story of a wolf who gets back after not getting the grapes by saying the grapes is sour. If the person makes the history then they should first create the subjects of the story.

Likewise to walk on the desert or racing on the desert is not the comfortable works for the human beings but it may be the normal tasks for the king of a desert camel.

Sophia Danenberg mount everest climber
Sophia Danenberg

The Sophia Danenberg is the first African American and first black woman from the world to climb the highest mountain in the world. Sophia, Marie Scott was born in 1972 in Homewood, Illinois (a southern suburb of Chicago) to a Japanese mother and black father Danenberg then studied environmental sciences and public policy at Harvard University, graduating in 1994, before going on to Keio University in Tokyo as a Fulbright Fellow.

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The morning shows the day is applied in the life’s story of Danenberg that mgave her name and fame as she were interested in climbing and rock trekker. She became involved in mountaineering in 1999 after a childhood friend encouraged her to try rock climbing. , she met her future husband David Danenberg , during this two year period, while doing technical climbs through her local Appalachian Mountain Club Chapter.
Extra facts and figures:

1. Danenberg’s first major climb was at Mount Rainier, in Washington State in 2002.

2. In 2002, Over the next two years she and David scaled Kilimanjaro (Kenya) , Mount Baker, Washington,

3. She again achieved the success by climbing Mount Kenya, in 2003.

4. In 2005 she scaled five peaks: Grand Teton (Wyoming), Mount Katahdin (Maine), Mount McKinley (Alaska), Mount Tasman (New Zealand), and Ama Dablam (Nepal).

5. In the spring of 2006, at age 34, with one week of planning, Sophia Danenberg began the climb of Mount Everest in the Nepal, the highest mountain in the world at 29,000 feet.

Sophia Danenberg mount everest climber pictures
Sophia Danenberg mount Everest climber

6. Danenberg, along with eight people, signed up for an “unguided” climb which gave her the help of two Sherpas, weather reports, food, and oxygen. Danenberg carried her own gear and pitched her own tent. She had no guide on the climb to make decisions for her.

7. On May 19, 2006, after two months climbing, she and her party reached the summit of Mount Everest.

8. In 2008, she had successfully travelled on 19 peaks, is now responsible for legislative and regulatory affairs for Global Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) at United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney division.

9. She is currently pursuing a master’s in economics at the University of Connecticut, as well as working with Hartford, Connecticut inner city programs.

10. With interest in politics, Danenberg campaigned for Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama in the 2008Presidential Election and became a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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Who Was The First African American to Climb Mount Everest

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