Who Was The Fastest Person to Climb Mount Everest

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who was the fastest person to climb mount, Everest?

The race is not only happening in the field or in the desert but also in the mountains. The man is busy in the race of earning much and more and some great persons are seeking the way and the reasons to create the history. It is because of the of thoughts. The person has climbed on the mount Everest many times by many and different climbers but the fastest climber Thirty-one-year-old Nepalese climber Pemba Dorje Sherpa (L) have attempted. The world knows about the Nepal which is priceless rich in natural beauty and high mountains.

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But the Nepalese and Solukhumbu’s are known as the tiger of the mountain mostly the SHERPA. So the another record is attempted by another Nepalese.

Sherpa has climbed Everest in eight hours and 10 minutes in 2004, is hoping to find a younger Nepalese climber to beat that record next year. Pemba Dorjee Sherpa) is a Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer born in 1982 in Chyangba, a small, remote village south of Mount Everest in Khumbu, Nepal. The man born in the small village is never small.
He has climbed Mt. Everest two times.

Pemba Dorje Sherpa Mount everest fastest climber
Pemba Dorje Sherpa

First time he has climbed with their friend and but at second times he has climbed with his girlfriend Moni Mulepati where they exchanged wedding vows on 30 May 2005. He is also regarded as the first man who has married at the top of the world. They has both shared wedding pictures on the top of the world. Thus became the first couple to be married on top of Mt. Everest while on the Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition. They also hoisted the flag of Rotary International, a club with which Dorjee has frequently been involved, in honor of its centennial year.

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He is also the social services involved in many social and national activities. He is also busy in helping the mountaineers who come to climb the mount Everest or to know about the mount Everest. The man with golden heart is very much initative with other and the Nepalese proud to have a citizen like him.

His contribution, works and achievement

1. Dorjee has worked on improving the quality of life in his home village of Chayangba.

2. Dorjee has organized service projects such as dental, eye, and other health projects, as well as funding to build libraries, schools, and drinking water systems in his village and other remote villages in Nepal.

3. Dorjee is certified as a Trekking and Mountaineering Guide by the Nepalese government.

4. He is also an active member of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA), American Alpine Club, Nepal Mountaineering Association, and Everest Summiteers Association.

5. Dorjee recently hiked 3,100 miles along the Continental Divide Trail from the Mexico–US border to the Canada–US border as part of the Rotary CDT Challenge, a fundraising effort by Rotary International to build a continuous trail.

6. Dorjee and his wife are partner owners of a gift store called The Himalayan Bazaar.

7. They are travel guides for the adventure travel company Of Global Interest — both were started by Heather O’Neal and are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Who Was The Fastest Person to Climb Mount Everest

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