10 Famous and Successful Entrepreneurs of Nepal

  1. Binod Chaudhary:-

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When you communicate approximately Nepali marketers, one name stands proud and it stands miles and miles out from the following in line! Well, he is Binod Chaudhary. Properly, Binod Chaudhary is the pinnacle of the Chaudhary group, a multinational conglomerate situated in Katmandu, Nepal which also owns the logo Wai Wai. At a very younger age, he helped his father convert his modest departmental store into one in every of Nepal’s biggest conglomerates. At 18, he gives up studies and took over his father’s commercial enterprise after he fell sick with an extreme coronary heart ailment. Stimulated with the aid of his grandfather, Chaudhary became one of Nepal’s biggest industrialists and changed into named because of the 1415th richest man alive with an estimate of $1.34bn Binod Chaudhary & family. The Chaudhary group today comprises of over 80 businesses and spreads across all 5 continents. It owns extra than 60 manufacturers in 30 nations and employees extra than 6000 human beings. As for Wai Wai, well, it is the agency’s maximum successful emblem and produces over one thousand million packets of noodle annually and ships them off to round 35 nations. He has installation a foundation which makes extensive contributions on the fields of schooling, health, sports and children empowerment. He provides scholarships to the needy and additionally takes projects in developing the education system, and socio-monetary conditions of Nepal.

  1. Savitri Devi Chaudhary:-

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Inside a span of three years, Savitri Devi Chaudhary holds essential positions within the small commercial enterprise zone— she is an energetic member of diverse institutions, social networks and a position version for her village. She leads and represents the girl’s marketers of Sunsari district as the government Member of the District Microentrepreneurs groups affiliation (DMEGA), the vice president of eastern regional Micro-entrepreneurs Federation (ERMEFN) and additionally the executive Member of the national Microentrepreneurs Federation Nepal (NMEFN).“I’ve represented my country as a success Nepali woman entrepreneur in a fair held in Dhaka, Bangladesh,” says Savitri proudly.

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  1. Upendra Mahato:-

Upendra Mahato is a famous and successful entrepreneur of Nepal. He has Net Worth of approximately $1 Billion. Upendra Mahato earned his doctorate in Russia. Following this, he started out to increase his organization into fields as diverse as electronics and oil. His enterprise has a total of 12,000 employees and serves sectors like banking, heavy machinery, and real property. Initially, Mahato received his start when he started to work as an electronic dealer in Voronezh. Earlier than lengthy, he had purchased a TV factory that grew to supply 1,000,000 televisions each 12 months. Outside of this, he has a TV elements outlet that serves 80,000 clients every day. More lately, Mahato started out building a high upward push building to be able to serve as a premium rental block in Moscow. Even though his wealth becomes earned from his business pursuits, Mahato’s fame is due to his social paintings. In the course of his lifestyles, he has built antique age homes in the course of Nepal and even constructed a health facility in Karjanha.

  1. Shesh Ghale:-

Shesh Ghale is president of NRNA (Non-Resident Nepali Association). He is entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Melbourne Institute of technology. He becomes ranked the 99th richest man or woman in Australia within the 2015 BRW rich two hundred. He is the 1/3 richest guy in Nepal. Ghale turned into graduated in the grasp of Civil Engineering from Kharkov automobile and highway Institute of Kharkov, Ukraine from 1979 to 1986 which become the scholarship application of the government of Nepal. He then again and worked for a branch of shipping control as an engineer in a toll road improvement mission. In 1990, he moved to Melbourne, Australia to do further research in which he completed a master of enterprise management from Victoria College, Australia in 1994.

  1. Jamuna Gurung:-

A Nepali woman, Jamuna Gurung, who migrated to Australia a few 20 years ago as a scholar, has been indexed as one of the wealthiest women inside the island continent. She became enlisted as the 11th wealthiest woman with an expected internet worth of $one zero five million in a listing organized by way of commercial enterprise assessment Weekly, an Australia-based newspaper. At the side of her husband Shesh Ghale, Chairman of Non-Residential Nepali association, Gurung was indexed as a hundred and eightieth wealthiest people in Australia with a net worth of $265 million, last year. She is the primary lady from the South Asian place to have made it to the list of the richest human being. Jamuna first went to Australia in 1990 on student visa together with her husband Ghale. She is currently living in Melbourne and is the managing Director of Melbourne Institute of technology and is also related to several other commercial enterprise ventures.

  1. Aaditya Jha:-

Aaditya Jha is a Nepalese Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist and social activist. He has the net worth of $1 million A globetrotter, his commercial enterprise portfolio consists of numerous startups and enterprise turnarounds with pursuits in Canada, India, Thailand and Nepal. He additionally runs several philanthropic tasks thru his private Charitable basis (POA academic foundation), promoting education and nurturing entrepreneurship to boom opportunities for the much less lucky. Jha takes special hobby in nurturing prosperity and monetary independence among Canadian First countries communities and people through schooling scholarships at top Canadian universities and a task that nurtures entrepreneurship.

  1. Balaram Chainrai:-

Mr. Balaram Chainrai is the son of Mr. PG Chainrai, who’s one of the pioneer Indian businessmen in Hong Kong and the founding father of the Chainrai institution of companies in 1949. Educated in Hong Kong, Mr. Balaram speaks numerous languages and is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Sindhi. Having begun his commercial enterprise career pretty early in existence, Mr. Balaram quickly hooked up himself as a leading commercial enterprise guy in Hong Kong. His center enterprise, Horning ton businesses restricted was incorporated in 1984 in Hong Kong, and soon other partner corporations have been set up. The agency is concerned with the manufacture and buying and selling of electronic true, domestic home equipment, toys; distribution of computer systems and associated add-ons, and trade finance activities. Directed by way of his dynamic leadership, the business enterprise soon grew both in terms enterprise volume and diversity.

  1. Ajaya Sumargi:-

Ajaya Sumargi was born in Hetauda Nepal. He’s gained a high attention from Nepalese media due to his rags-to-riches stories and also due to his high-profile political connections with Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”. Sumargi is an entrepreneur and one of Nepal’s few billionaires. He’s the Chairman of Muktishree Private Limited which runs several sister companies as separate business units in Nepal.

  1. Jiba Lamichane:-

Jiba Lamichane is the managing director of a TV manufacturing company Techno Trust which makes and delivers Elson Brand LCD TVs for the Russian market. Lamichane went to Russia in 1986 to study engineering and he worked as a dealer for Samsung, Sony, and LG in Russia. He works in collaboration with Dr. Upendra Mahato

  1. Pashupati Shamsher:-

Pashupati Shamsher Rana was once termed as the entrepreneur, richest person in Nepal and considered even richer than the King. Once in an interview, he told that his wife, the princess of then the Indian Kingdom, brought dowry that is valued 25000 million rupees in the present days.

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