When is the Election in Nepal 2017 (2074 BS)

When is the election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)?

Nepal is the country of major religion and major political parties which would take part in the election, a threat can be expected even it is not now fixed, but it is supposed and said that it will be addressed in the month of Jestha and before the new budget release. The announcement by the election board and the department is not held and the date has not been released for the election. Presently, there is going the speech and their gossip among them and some are agitating this election.

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The major parties who are against the election, due to their major requirement have not been fulfilling as the government has an agreement. The political parties are in their own mood which shows it’s only the showing and bumping the people and making the fruitful hope for the election. The election will be held before the Jestha 10, this types of information are leaking and heard by many political parties to normal people. The country is our and we are the protector and survival of this country.  Some responsibility is ours to help and conduct the election.

counting vote in Nepal
counting vote in Nepal

The present government is in full mood of holding the election because they are in power and thinks some of the round tricks for getting the multiple seats in the election. The main thing made by the government is that there is not group and voice matching among the opposition parties who are against the election. The election chief  Ayodhi Prasad Yadav has told in the press conference that the election member and election committee is fully ready for being selecting the date and announcing the date for making the successful election.

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When is the local election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)? – Answer – Local Election in Nepal will be 2017 May 14 (2074 Baishakh 31)

The election is not the game of the series and tournament which does not catch any pivotal even after loose. It’s the identification of the parties and the leader for making the government and ruling the government. The government is not the family members but it can be treated as the hyper-family members. We, the people of Nepal are not the animal, who can graze the grass wherever the owner told and instruct us. The Nepalese are very wise and intelligent and carry the capacity o to demonstrate the right and wrong in the context of nation beneficial and nation development.

Sher Bahadur deuba- former Prime Minister of Nepal
Sher Bahadur Deuba- former Prime Minister of Nepal

The election in Nepal is not fixed now but it is noise that the election will be held before the Jestha because the country has loosed many resources and moving like the frightened cockroach. The Nepalese are the lion but the government and some of the dusty-minded political leader have kept the Nepalese in jail. The guilty is always sucked by the Nepalese anywhere either in the own country or living in another country.

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When is the Election in Nepal 2017 (2074 BS)

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