Dashain 2016 (2073) : Best 25 Wallpapers of Dashain Festival of Nepal

Dashain 2016 (2073) : Best 25 Wallpapers of Dashain Festival of Nepal

dashain wishing cards
Happy Dashain 2073 Animation Cards

Dashain is the national religious festival of Nepal. It is celebrating a 15 days long duration. Dashain is also known as Dashami or Vijayadashami or Badadashain in Nepal. It is the most auspicious festival in the Nepali annual Calendar.

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Nepali Festival Greeting Cards and Wallpaper Src


It is celebrated by Hindus of all castes and peoples of Nepal, even they are in abroad. Dashain is the one of longest festival celebrated by Hindu in Nepal. According to Nepali Calendar, Dashain festival falls around the month of Ashwin – Kartik or say, September – October.

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Nepali festival dashain Cards Wallpapers

Dashain starts from the bright lunar fortnight and ends on the day of full moon.

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Dashain SMS in Nepali

Nepali Festival Greeting Cards and Wallpaper Src

The basic theme of the Nepali Dashain festvial is the conquest of evil; legend has it that during the time of this festival Ram Chandra (God) vanquished Ravana of Lanka.

Nepali Festival Greeting Cards and Wallpaper Src

On Phulpati, the seventh day of Dashain festival, the day of flowers, there is a colourful procession to Hanuman Dhoka attended by the Prime Minister of Nepal.


Nepali Festival Greeting Cards and Wallpaper Src


Dashain Wishes for Ex-Boyfreind in Nepali language

Timro Yaad haru Ma Beetiko harek kura Alag chha ;

Timro Saath bhayeko  harek Bhetghat Alag chha ;

Har Manchhe  mero jindagi choi Gai sakyo ;

Tar Timro Bhet ko kura Alag chha !

Happy Vijayadashami 2016 to my sweetheart

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  1. Happy Bijaya Dashami 2070 sampurna nepali Daju vai tatha Dedi Aama tatha Buba haruma sukha ra sambridi ko hardik mangalmaya Suvakamana.

  2. its great chance to hindu to celebrate lord dashain ( bijaya dashain) its our pleasure to celebrate

  3. के गर्नु यो पाली दशैमा घर जान पार्इएला जस्तो छर्इन आशाछ एक दिन धुमधाम सँग दशै मनाउने छु ।

    1. Rembo Darlami mangar jee, चिन्ता नलिनुहोस् । एकै माघले जाडो जादैन । यसपाली नभए अर्कोपटक अवश्य घर गएर दशैं मनाउनुहोला ।

  4. Zindagi nahi hume doston se pyari,Doston pe hazir hai jaan humari,Ankhon me humare aansu hai to kya,Jaan se bhi pyari hai Muskaan tumhari.
    Happy dashain N dipawali ..

  5. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2071 ko shuva swaswar ma sampurna nepali Aama buwa ,dajuvai ,didibahini ,sathiharu ko su-swasthya ,dirghyou ra safalta ko kamana gardaxu.

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Dashain 2016 (2073) : Best 25 Wallpapers of Dashain Festival of Nepal

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