Dashain Tika 2016 (2073): Top 10 Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

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Dashain Tika 2016 (2073): Top 10 Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

Here are some Best 10 photos collected of Dashain Tika on Dashain festival of Nepal. On the 10th day of Dashain festival, people visit their elders to get auspicious tikajamara on the their forehead and best wishes from them. Tika and Jamara is such thing that makes feel like Dashain. Without the tika and jamara, Dashain does not feel like Dashain at all. These red tika and yellow-green jamara splashes of color are an integral part of the festival. Receiving and Giving Tika and Jamara is for Respecting to elders.

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Dashain Tika 2016 (2073):  Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

Dashain is the longest and the most important festival of Nepal. Generally Dashain falls in Ashwin to Kartik (according Nepali Calendar) or late September to mid October, right after the monsoon season in Nepal. Dashain gets many different nick names as Dasara, Bada Dashain, Vijaya Dashain, Durga Puja. Dashain is a festival of Victory over Demons. Dashain tika begins from the oldest person in your family giving tika to the youngest then the second youngest in the family and so on. Faith, hope, inspiration and blessings, all come alive in Dashain.

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Dashain Tika 2016 (2073): Top 10 Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

All these photo or pictures or wallpapers are related to Dashain, festivals of Nepal, tika, jamara, or say dashain, tika and jamara. These Dashain Tika Photo of Dashain feels unique festival in Nepal.

Here are some unique pictures of Dashain red Tika during Dashain festivals of Nepal. These photos are collected from various places and website. Thanks to them.

During Dashain festival, Taleju temple is opened. Taleju temple is the shrine in which the Taleju Devi is placed during the major festival of Dasain.

This Taleju temple of Kathmandu is richly decorated with gilded doors, windows and tympanum. Flanking the doors of this temple there are two life-size images of Ganga and Jamuna.

After Dashain, Tihar festival will be celebrated by the Nepalese. Like the Dashain, there are also putting Tika on Dashain. But on Tihar, Tika is received by the brother and sister.

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And in the Dasahin, tike is received by the elders one. Dashain is followed, in October or November, by the five days of Diwali, the festival of lights, when honour is done to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Only on these five days are the people allowed by law to indulge in their great passion for gambling, and on the fifth day, which is called Deuse, the children go from house to house, like oriental carol-singers, wishing riches on the household and hoping for a few coppers in exchange.

Around the temple during Dashain festival, the daily mingling with the constant stream of Hindu worshippers is very typical of the Nepalese way of life. You may be fortunate enough to witness a family gathering or local festival taking place in the Dasahin festival. Especially the last five days of Dashain, for recieving Dasahin tika, such family gathering or local people gathering is taking place in every households of Nepal.

All the images are searched and embeded from the their own blog. All the images are searched on google.com.  So, image credit goes to him/her.

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Dashain Tika 2016 (2073): Top 10 Pictures of Dashain Tika on Forehead

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