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Vacancy Announced in Myadi Prahari by Nepal Police for Election 2074 Purpose

myadi prahari vacancy in Nepal

Vacancy Announced in Myadi Prahari by Nepal Police for Election 2074 Purpose

७५००० म्यादी प्रहरीमा भर्ना खुल्यो, हेर्नुहोस् यहाँ योग्यता के के चाहिन्छ?

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If you want to apply for the post of Myadi Prahari for upcoming local election 2074 (2017 AD) in Nepal. If you want to join as a Myadi Prahari for upcoming election 2074 (2017 AD) in Nepal. Here’s golden chance for you all the Nepalese citizens. You can join on Myadee prahari right now.

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But there are some criteria that you must have to fulfill before applying for the post.

Here’s list of criteria for the Myadi Prahari:

1. You must be Nepali citizen.

2. You must not have any membership of political party.

3. You must be physically and mentally good.i.e. healthy

4. No any education boundaries..

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myadi prahari vacancy in Nepal

Here’s form for Myadi Prahari 2074

myadi prahari forms in nepal


Major Political Parties of Nepal for Election 2017

Election of Nepal Pictures

Major political parties making involvement in election 2017 Nepal?

Nepalese is on the way of tasting the tasting of the election after ten years by the crossing of many hopes and obstacles. Nepalese has waited for many years and have also faced many wars and opposition assault that may be of stone or that may be of blockade by words. But it is the black face that had not processed on the side of benefit of entire Nepalese. The political leaders are busy in gaining and entertaining the romance and ripe of love and coins.

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The man who is sent to the headlines of the country mean to say for the construction of the country become self-injured then is it possible to run and move the country with shine direction where the hope of sun rises. The present itself becomes the fractured player then the game for winning the world cup cannot be achieved with the great consignment. This will be better to give the resignation if the hope is not shown in far of the eyesight. The loser has only the excuse but the winner has the reason.  In the present context, the political leader is pulling their own other legs for making the election but the leg of someone is constant like cemented.

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Election Nepal Images

Election in Nepal

The pulling and pushing of the leader among them are like picking the fish from the well but the rope is not reaching in the water or inside the water that picks up the fish. Reason to debate is always performing that there is being the matter of war will be held in the country. Country politicians make the some small issues as the blunder but the bladder of self-thought gone leakage, having no conscious. The development has become the words war, not the implemental war.

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The development is not the game for one hour or one day like the match of children played on home ground. It’s the matter of entire country and countrymen to think about. A person who passes by the accident should also be aware of the accidental reforms and norms. To continue the accidental pitch, crux should be not tied up the tightly. The roots of making the system strict and high sensitive will automatically and significantly make the control over all the nonsense and cruel crime, seen mostly by the nonsense people or assaulted in the direction of politicians. The dog better are also the dog if they make the dog to bite someone without any intervention made by him or her. The taste of election has taken and tested by the Nepalese but also they are in the mood of election mentality because they know the value and the result of this election.

Preparation for Election Vote in Nepal

Preparation for Election Vote in Nepal

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The responsible Nepalese citizens are always conspicuous and relevant to the country action and act being changed and charged.  A person who only thinks for themselves will never come out from the four walls of their home to see the real existence and real decorative factor also exists on the outside that provides you the feeling and felicity of enrichment and incentives.   A person who has the knowledge about the country have not any intervention on other or in the election but they are very much interested in their works performed by the representative after getting the victory from their area.  Man have not the interest in politics but they are interested in your works because they are in tension about their nation and thanks for the saving of their identity.

Election of Nepal Pictures

Election of Nepal

If the country needs the uncountable marcher in the road to save then country, then the patriotic men will not act like the sleeping dog will obviously come to join the hands for the protection of the country and their identity. The election determines the countrymen support or mentality of supporting the party after getting the vote and seats in the election. Let’s see the party in concluding  that are taking the part in the election 2017:

 Nepali congress:

It is one of the ancient and crux party of Nepal that has influenced the countrymen with their own values occurrence, and own remarks stamped in the mind of countrymen by their contribution to the country and people. The countrymen of Nepal are not so fooled, to select the foolish people in the election to make their life safe and conservative. Furthermore, taking and making the sense parallel, to see the election Manifesto and the action is going presently in the politics assume not to held.  this party has left their footprints in the countrymen from their works and their efforts as it has established in many years ago declines the other party hopes to make the long legs of victory.

Nepali Congress Party Flag

There might be the great gap in the victory that can be only evaluated and proved after the outcome of the election.  This party has made their roots very deepen that can’t shake by the influence and storm of any opposition party. There are many active leaders and proactive candidate ensures the victory on its side with the better oust. The person who thinks extra for the party are also upgraded with the respect and they are valued as the valuable manpower of the party. A large number of transition and transparent affection is spread and the affection is also gained in a bundle, makes the speciation of the historical victory but can not be resulted in the premier.

The party is doing their full preparation and making the track of driving their vehicles in rapid without any barriers. For making the track more strong and long elastic, they are busy in spreading their representative and the active leaders are in the field of motivating and advertising the countrymen to vote for it. The green tree is the symbol of an election that signifies the greenery in the country and greenery to the people. The people will be always green as the tree not as the broken tree or dead tree. So we can surely say, this is the major party preparing in full motion and full speed to come in the election battle. This party has also the more hopes and more scoped in the country as it is the saying of the party supporters and liked.

Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

nepal elections people

Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

Nepal is in the mood of making and doing an election for the benefit of Nepal and Nepalese too. The countrymen are waiting for eight years to have the better constitution and better government that will lead the change in the mode and means of Nepal development.  The country has kept the patience for six years, it’s not less but also the political leader have not any regret instead they are enjoying and involving in the party and function to make the life more colorful and enjoying.

There are many parties which are taking part in this election but there is one incidence that some for the political parties are against it. The Madhesh centralized party is against the election and they are raising their voice in the parliament to make this legalized and implemented, that the government has done contract with them ago. But according to the mood of the different party, we can make the imagination of election that it will be addressed anyhow for the benefit of the country.

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The Nepal have forgotten their way to move in the path of development. The Nepalese track is not getting the better support and better subsidies by the external people and a foreign country. The country has also missed the opportunity to increase the scale of Industrialization and mechanization along with modernization. The development is only possible after doing all these things in randomly for making the country strong and more solid.



The agreement which is done and formatted in the dance bar by watching the girls dance, can acquire the real values and set a goal in the time. The goal needs some period of time to make it outcome according to the strategy if it is implemented and the works are going continuously. But in the context of Nepal, there seems the change in works and projects because of the government change in every nine months. The contractor and investor also depressed to invest more because they don’t achieve even the principal amount, the amount of profit should get wastes.

The party of Nepal can’t be exactly told because there are increment and decrement of the party in Nepal. The party is being moved to the animal and groups of mental there are many parties that take part in the election.

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Some for the party only see in the election, then after, they got vanished and looped.  The party which can make the government change I can be counted on hands. But if we talk about the aggregate amount the party existing in Nepal are more than twenty. There are many parties which come at the time for election only not at all day and all time. But the parties which make the system changes are only a few of them. At ago, there are only two are three parties but now it has been being segmented into the various party.

nepal elections people

Nepal election

There is mostly the leading party which has achieved the great vote and appreciation in the first constitutional election at 2064  is Maoist, but they get peeled and slept in the next election but also acquired the third party position. Nepal is lead by the congress party, they are treated as the hero because they always achieved the high number of seats in the election.

Nepal Election Results — Which Party Will Win in Election 2017 in Nepal?

Let’s talk about the major parties that are expected to win in this election:

When is the Election in Nepal 2017 (2074 BS)

counting vote in Nepal

When is the election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)?

Nepal is the country of major religion and major political parties which would take part in the election, a threat can be expected even it is not now fixed, but it is supposed and said that it will be addressed in the month of Jestha and before the new budget release. The announcement by the election board and the department is not held and the date has not been released for the election. Presently, there is going the speech and their gossip among them and some are agitating this election.

The major parties who are against the election, due to their major requirement have not been fulfilling as the government has an agreement. The political parties are in their own mood which shows it’s only the showing and bumping the people and making the fruitful hope for the election. The election will be held before the Jestha 10, this types of information are leaking and heard by many political parties to normal people. The country is our and we are the protector and survival of this country.  Some responsibility is ours to help and conduct the election.

counting vote in Nepal

counting vote in Nepal

The present government is in full mood of holding the election because they are in power and thinks some of the round tricks for getting the multiple seats in the election. The main thing made by the government is that there is not group and voice matching among the opposition parties who are against the election. The election chief  Ayodhi Prasad Yadav has told in the press conference that the election member and election committee is fully ready for being selecting the date and announcing the date for making the successful election.

When is the local election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)? – Answer – Local Election in Nepal will be 2017 May 14 (2074 Baishakh 31)

The election is not the game of the series and tournament which does not catch any pivotal even after loose. It’s the identification of the parties and the leader for making the government and ruling the government. The government is not the family members but it can be treated as the hyper-family members. We, the people of Nepal are not the animal, who can graze the grass wherever the owner told and instruct us. The Nepalese are very wise and intelligent and carry the capacity o to demonstrate the right and wrong in the context of nation beneficial and nation development.

Sher Bahadur deuba- former Prime Minister of Nepal

Sher Bahadur Deuba- former Prime Minister of Nepal

The election in Nepal is not fixed now but it is noise that the election will be held before the Jestha because the country has loosed many resources and moving like the frightened cockroach. The Nepalese are the lion but the government and some of the dusty-minded political leader have kept the Nepalese in jail. The guilty is always sucked by the Nepalese anywhere either in the own country or living in another country.

Is Nepal a Friendly Country ?

Friendship Is Nepal Friendly country Yes Himalayas of Nepal beautiful Nature sightseeing images

Is Nepal a friendly country?

Nepal is also called the small country but the people of Nepal are of large hearts. Nepal is the country of friends and family as it is located between two countries of great light and weight India and China. The country has many things scarce but the people of Nepal are always working and surviving their life with cheerful behaviors. The governments are only half concentrated to the people but the people of Nepal are liberal and they are mostly devoted to their works.

Nepalese is treated as the best friendship country because the people of Nepal are all normal and sensitive. The cultural and festival are also celebrated by exchanging the religious friends or with the great occasion made by the all of the religions. Due to the liberal heart of Nepalese, there are not any kinds of social and religious protest among the people.  Both of the religions have good coordination and harmonious relationship of sharing views and fees. The person of all castes and religions also seem very excited about their festival and any occasions. Mostly the people of the remote area and back warded are have misconception and mischief in their language which is very few in number.

But due to the highly increment in education, the message of humanity and construction of eco-friendly society campaign is going on rapid. People are getting the knowledge and making the other’s  understands the humanity and relationship. Many places are now have freed from the social discrimination which used to seen in past. People have conservative minds and they think the man are also of different social and norms having the different thought about the man with everyone.

Friendship Is Nepal Friendly country Yes Himalayas of Nepal beautiful Nature sightseeing images

Himalayas of Nepal

In the 21st century, this concept has vanished and the message and knowledge of humanity and all the men are the children of god have understood by many people. Those are not connected with this message are even today behaving like the earlier century. People of today have many borders and methods for getting the knowledge and observing the goods and man. The man can be told by their face if you have the vision of looking and considering and evaluating capacity.  The person has their own ability to make the life comfortable or fill with the difficulty.

The main theme everybody has to understand is sometimes even the eyes makes mistake and get the betrayed. Sometimes ’’ the white hen lays black eggs’’, means the person who is the honesty and express and presents themselves as the honest may be the great fraud and betrayer. The person can’t be evaluated in one diagnosis. So the person is truly renown and recognizes when we get connected and do any behavioral activities with them. A person can’t hide their originality even after the millions trying.

The lord Gautam Buddha has told that the sun. the moon and the truth can’t hide. To make the projects clear, we have to be confidence on our statement with the power of self-esteem that gives you the power to fight with rationality and discrimination and domination. In order to verify the above question that the Nepal is friendly country or not, we can know details  by following proving the yes remarks that the Nepal is fully the friendly country:

The presence of purified hearts:

Nepal doesn’t have any heard the news of bad and illegal activities are conducted by the Nepalese in abroad. So we can easily know and say that the Nepalese people are very mush friendly. There are many people who are purified and believes in helping to the people if they are in need as we are the human and we all are equal. There is much thought of the people who believe them any religions and traditions teaches them many things but the one thing which every religion teach with their devotee is to help and treat all the human beings as the children of the God. Nepalese boys and the youth are also very much thinkable and they collect the money to distribute for the child of orphan and streets.

RIP OM PURI – A Great Actor in Bollywood – Collection RIP Messages Around the World

RIP OM PURI – A Great Actor in Bollywood – Collection RIP Messages Around the World

This is post for RIP Om Puri, a great actor in Bollywood film industries. He is one of the legend in indian film industry. REST IN Peace Om Puri…. from