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How Holi is Celebrated in Nepal


Holi of 2017 is near and if you are wondering how to celebrate this Holi, then, here are the different ways which could make your Holi of this year a memorable one.

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How Holi is Celebrated in Nepal

In my previous article, you can read about why we have to celebrate Holi. For this, simply click on this link given below:

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Now, in this article, I am trying to share you about how to celebrate Holi.

Does Holi only mean playing with colors and waters? No, it means a lot. You can celebrate Holi in different ways. It depends on your location, cultures, and community. Holi is one of the ancient and most precious festivals of Hindus. It is mostly celebrated in Nepal and India. There may be different ways of celebrating Holi in Nepal and India however; it is celebrated with colors expressing love and affection in both countries.

Holi of 2017 is near and if you are wondering how to celebrate this Holi, then, here are the different ways which could make your Holi of this year a memorable one.

How Holi is Celebrated in Nepal

1. Colors and Water

boys holi festival in Nepal

boys in holi festival in Nepal

One of the best ways to celebrate Holi is to play with colors and water. Who else don’t love to play with colors? You can make your own colors at home or you can buy them in a market. But beware of the harmful colors available in the market. Nowadays, there are various colors available in the markets that are harmful to our skin. So, you have to pick the right colors for your Holi.

After your color is ready, be prepared with a tank full of water. If your community has not a shortage of water, then it’s ok otherwise, residing in Kathmandu and you don’t have a shortage of water, impossible!!!!. Then, you can celebrate by throwing colors to your friends, spreading colorful water and enjoy the festival. Water balloons, varieties of colors, pichkaris and the water guns can be the best tools to celebrate the Holi. Enjoy the festival with fun, love and be safe.

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2. Just a color, No water



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If you don’t like throwing over water in Holi then, you can simply play with colors. In fact, Holi is the festival of colors rather than water. Just imagine if one person spends 10 liters of water in Holi then, how much the whole country will use the water? Since, the water is very shortage in Kathmandu, Nepal, it is quite better to properly utilize the water. Instead, you can celebrate simply by putting tikas on the forehead.Just change the tradition of throwing away water and balloons to each other and make this holi just colorful.

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3. Music and Funs

holi dance with crowd

holi dance

Holi has been the best festival in Nepal to enjoy with music and have fun. There are so many holi songs and music. Just gather with your friends, play the songs and have fun. You can sing the holi songs and make your body shake with the beat of the music. In some community, neighbors gather and they just celebrate by dancing and singing. So, if you want to make this holy with beatable music, here you can go.

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4. Visiting friend and family

holi pictures with group of friends in Nepal

holi pictures with group of friends in Nepal

One of the best ways to celebrate Holi is to visit the friends and family and celebrate with them. Since everybody is being busy with their works and business, they don’t have enough time to enjoy with their friends. So, this Holi can be the best way to gather, reunion and enjoy with the friends and make the moments count.Especially after the program of color is finished, you can visit the friends and family at the evening and exchange love, memories and happiness with them. It actually helps to strengthen the relationship.

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How Holi is Celebrated in Nepal

4 Importance of Holi Festival in Nepal — How and Why is Holi Celebrated in Nepal

holika dahan story in holi festival

Holi Festival in Nepal – How and Why is Holi Celebrated in Nepal?

Holi, one of the most prestigious Hindu festivals celebrated all over the world by Hindus, especially in Nepal and India. Holi also called Faghu Purnima in Nepali and the festival of Colour in English is celebrated on the full moon day that falls on the month of Falgun, in between February and March. It is celebrated as the significance of a victory over evil by good. It also signifies the end of the winter and arrival of spring.

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Nowadays, it is also celebrated as the festival of love, joining new relationship and thanksgiving. On this day, people celebrate by playing with different colors, expressing love by throwing colors to others, throwing water, expressing thanks, having fun, dancing in street, visiting the neighbors and starting a new relationship. Children often play with Pichkari to throw water and the Lola, water-filled balloon.

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Holi festival celebration pictures

Holi festival celebration pictures

It is one of the ancient festivals of Hindu. There are many historical myths associated with this festival. The significance described below will be the perfect reasons why we celebrate this festival:

Holi Festival in Nepal – Why is Holi Celebrated in Nepal?

1. Vishnu and Prahlada

Holi is celebrated in the honor of Lord Vishnu and his follower Prahlada. There is a historical story related to the King Hiranyakashipu, his son Prahlad, his sister Holika and the Lord Vishnu. The king was a demon as he was blessed by the five special powers: He could be killed neither by a human nor by the animal, neither at night nor at day, neither indoor nor outdoor, neither by Astra nor by Shastra, not even on land or in water or in air. With these five powers, he went arrogant and he ordered everyone only to worship him as the god. However, his son Prahlada disagreed with him and instead he prayed Lord Vishnu.

holika dahan story in holi festival

holika dahan

The king Hiranyakashipu was very rude with his son and he tried a different approach to punishing his son but none of them did any harm to Prahlada. He even tried to kill him but could not. So, one day, his sister Holika who was immune to fire tricked Prahlada and sat him in her lap in the pyre of fire. Since Holika was immune to fire, she thought that the fire will destroy Prahlada but instead the fire did no harm to him since he was enchanting Lord Vishnu throughout the time while Holika burnt in fire and got ashes. After that Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Narshima and killed the demon, King. Since Holika was destroyed, the festival is named after her and celebrated as the victory of God over evil.

2. Krishna Legend

This festival is also associated with Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu. There is the symbolic myth that Lord Krishna was poised by the demon Putana with her breast milk. So, Krishna developed dark blue skin in his youth. Many girls even called Gopinis were behind him but his mother didn’t like this. So, he told Krishna to approach Radha. Lord Krishna approached Radha by coloring her face and ever since they became a couple.

Lord Krishna holi festival

Lord Krishna

So, the festival is celebrated as the colour of festival. It is also associated with Raaslila, a divine dance staged by Krishna for the Gopinis of Vrindavan. It is also believed that Krishna used to play Holi with his friends in Vrindavan with colors. They used to prank the villagers, throw colors to the Gopinis, break the water pots of the Gopinis and made this festival to celebrate all over the community. So, this festival has become popular from that day on.

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3. Lord Shiva

This festival is also associated with Lord Shiva. There is saying that Lord Shiva was deep in his yoga and meditation. Goddess Parvati wanted to bring him back but she could not do anything. So, she went to The Kama, a God of love to seek help.

Lord Shiva story in holi festival

Lord Shiva story in holi festival

The Kama throws arrows to Lord Shiva but The Shiva opens his third eye and destroys the Kama. Then, both Kama’s wife Rati and Parvati were angered. So, Rati performs the meditation for forty days. Lord Shiva becomes happy and restores her Husband, Kama. Ever since Holi is celebrated as the festival of love or the return of God of Love.

4. Cultural significance

Holi has also cultural significance. Especially on this day, people forget the past errors, conflicts, anger and start a new relationship. This festival brings the happiness in the relationship and one can forgive on this festival through the colors. It is the festivals to say goodbyes to all the past anger, guilty and the sadness. This festival also helps to start a new relationship and make new friends since on this day people go to the door to door to celebrate the festival of colors with their neighbors. It is also celebrated as the end of winter and the beginning of the spring.

holi greeting cards

holi greeting cards

Holi is the oldest festival of Hindu and it is supposed to be started before the birth of Christ. There has been different verdicts and myths as mentioned above included in the famous Hindu religious books like Jaimini Purvamimamsa  Sutras and Kathaka Grhya Sutra.

In the past days, Holi colors were made from the flowers of Tesu or palash. It is also called Gulal. The colors made from them were very good to the skin and they had a pleasant smell too. No chemicals were mixed. But nowadays, since there are various chemical mixed in the colors, so these colors are being harmful to human skin. Most of the people, therefore, are not willing to play this festival. The definition of color has been changed to present generation. We can see that many kids and youth are using the harmful colors in their face and body in the name of Holi which may be viral to their health.

women holi festival celebration

women in holi festival celebration

So, let us celebrate hole with good colors, full of love, joy and spreading happiness to each other. Let us forget the past and enjoy the upcoming life with the beautiful colors.

I will be telling you how we should celebrate this festival in my next article. Please keep following us.

Happy Holi.

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Importance of Holi Festival in Nepal – Why is Holi Celebrated in Nepal?

50 Interesting Facts of Holi Festivals

Happy Holi Girl Images

50 Interesting Facts of Holi Festivals

1. Holi is one of the national festivals of Hindu mostly celebrated in India and Nepal. This is the festival which signifies the grouping and glory of family and their relatives and relational consignment.

2. It’s the platform where the person of far and near meet and conform the common outcomes of happiness and production of large and thundering laughter go crashing, shows the unity in the family and relationship.

3. It is not only the festival which makes the person and people sharing and happiness but also the festival of making the God Vishnu happy and glad. The God is the first priority that impacts the devotee to live and combat with the life circumstance and get rid of lights.

4. Holi impacts and influences many groupings of people either they belongs to Hindu or other might be. The same and common placement and activities can be observed by the viewer in the moment of Holi celebration, the person’s face is smiling and they are looking glad about internally.

women holi festival celebration

women in Holi festival celebration

5. There are many truth and fact related to Holi. interesting facts of Holi also makes their noise for improvements of a system and also makes the announcement of celebrating with precautionary. The man who have one burn by fire afraid even to go near the fire. And once who has erected with the electricity current afraid to touch the nude wire of electricity.

6. Mean to elaborate, rectify the remarks and results obtained after the celebration, that may be positive and negative. Victims always want the fast cure and cured want the fast safety kit but due to lack of these two services and tools combination, the unexpected result has to sometimes listen with this unbelievable ear.

Beautiful Girls with friends are Playing Holi festivals images

Beautiful Girls with friends are Playing Holi festivals images

7. Holi does not oblige the person to make and act like the mental lion or elephant of the forest who has loosed their nerves and senses in times of action. The man is a man, not the animal due to the appetite of doing best and fitted best. If the educators act like the fool, it means the lion are in the way of becoming dog and pig.

8. The educated society is most respectable and preferable people habitat, can changes the mood and motion of the people in the flow of words and speaking reached.

9. Holi also subscribes the motion, an action thought and their mentality and beliefs of its celebration. Their many facts snot interesting facts of Holi for making the novelty in its meaning and reasons to celebrate.


holi hai bollywood celebs Kajol

Holi hai Bollywood celebs

11. The man who is not interested in celebrating it is also supporting the celebrators. Meanwhile, in the ancient age, people were of vegetarian intention and mentality, and they celebrate it with by singing song, having the vegetarian food and making the route of celebration to every door of the society to collect the money.

12. These are the ancient systems of ant that m has given allowed to celebrate and bound in their own term and conditions. In the present context, it is very difficult to even make the dog teach, the animal of the present age has also become more intelligent and they are also not listening to the voice and order of owner.

13. The man who has not the knowledge of Hoil celebration are usually not seen in its involvement and those who are connected to Hindu cultures and tradition are mostly activated like the software of nothing.

Bollywood Celebs Hot girl holi festival celebration

Bollywood Celebs Hot girl Holi festival celebration

14. interesting facts of Holi also deal with the coordination and cooperation of the people, how he or she or society take it and celebrate it. The Holi is not the festival of single instead it is the festival of the whole society.

15. The entertainment can’t be loud and contrast in single insulation, but with the group, the happiness and the company get more support to make it an enlargement of celebration.

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50 interesting facts about holi festival

Holi Festival — Best 5 Reasons Why to Celebrate Holi, A Colourful Festival

Girls holi festival celebration in Hinduism

Holi Festival — 5 Reasons Why to Celebrate Holi, A Colourful Festival?

Holi is not only the festive season but also it’s the terrain to express the common topics of dealing and dealership to avoid the discussion evidence of past by making and sharing the color in another chick. It’s the festive season to recommend more to other than self.  Why celebrate Holi have many reasons to make it form with boldness. A person who are making their life with white dew get the chance to make it new and colorful with the presence and atmospheric appearance. Many of the people who think negative about the Holi and the Muslim community does not support it but they also shade their chick with the color but in few parts only.

Thus, the sharing of color means the caring of their own and relatives. This is one of the greatest festival of Holi too which makes the man unlimited glad and untried to make the Holi special. It’s not the season or any special occasion that needs some barriers not to open themselves but it’s the specific ceremony and festival of eating and enjoying. This festival is commonly known and celebrated as the enjoying festival because the person and the people make the very delicious food especially the not- vegetarian dishes to serves each other in family and make the great mountains of happiness.

holi festival celebration

holi festival celebration

The atmosphere is also shaded with the different shining color which is present and making the feeling of a colorful cloud is moving here and there in the sky. People from the far habitat also visit their root for making their branches more active and celebration more gorgeously. It is not only the special day but the climate and waves started to sing and act before two days of actuality falls.  This is celebrated differently in the various community of Hindu and various parts of the Nepal with their own beliefs and systems. But the one thing got matched with everyone that is the cooking of different types of food and dishes.

The person who makes the thing special have also thought special for the presence to appear it in natural looks and photos.  Person of rural area celebrate it by having the sweet and delicious food in the morning with wine and whiskey and they started to make the group to begin every home by singing and dancing. They make one types of unique casting to make it special by singing the home of cultures and tradition in teased form and also present with the colorful clothes to show the reality of influences of Holi.

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It’s is very much appreciated and liked by the villagers and they support with great joy to elaborate it and declare it by giving something in their begging utensil.  This types of exchanging made this festival more elastic and more long lasting after the influences of its originality and history describes by the elders to the younger and smaller. The man who doesn’t know about the fruits a has also not interested in its production and about its specification.

But who are joined with its’ and their identification starts from it, makes them more prestigious after it’s formation and falling and insulted to after not involvement. So, there looks the crowd and rush of people sharing the color in their one each other chick and making the party and dance in the tone and music of core beat and the hard beat. There is more reason for its celebration. As it is one of the most celebrated Hindu festivals deals with the color and happiness  especially but more too are  designed below with description:

1. Historical facts and figures:

story of holi festival celebration in Hinduism

story of holi festival celebration in Hinduism

There is great hunger behind its celebration. A celebration of Holi especially stand the people on one platform for making their outcome of specific parts inside him or her. But the one thing which explains directly of Holi celebration is the story of Prahalad, the great worshipper of God Vishnu and their father …………….. who was the great demon and hater of God Vishnu. The controversy occurs due to opposite mentality. One is the lover and great devotee and another was the great hater.

Prahalad father sent him to the Aasharam( ancient school or reading places of the student) for his study and there they have the abandonment of all kind of Vishnu related activated and prohibited Prahalad from doing. But the devotee is the mad and lunatic in the God praises and gladness because they receive the felicity by doing their worshipping.  A person who has to make the man special for his contribution is Prahad and he is prohibited from all kind of worshipping mood and action. But the sun can’t be stopped by anyone and any other saying, it rises anyhow.

The same thing here happens with the Vishnu devotee  Prahalad. He started and unstopped by any other instruction and blockades. With uncontrollably angry, his father sent the vampire and great demon named Holika to kill their own son. But it becomes a success as they have forgotten to know, where there is God’s power, there can’t be even shaken by other the single leaves too. The same event takes places in the context, the great demon or vampire who was sent by the Prahald’ father come to kill the prahald but the demon reactionary killed by Prahalad. It’s the great super power of God seen in that context. From that day onwards, people start to celebrate Holi in the memory of  Prahlad victory over the great demon Holika.

So, why to celebrate Holi have also this seen of the true reason for its joyful celebration and happiness. People become very happy with the death of great demon Holika because she has made the person and community destructive and has created the fear inside the people heart and mind. The person used not to come outside due to afraid of the Holika.  The killing becomes historical because the Vishnu appear in their devotees who has presented as one of the great devotees of Vishnu.  The story also dictates about devotees connection with the God. The connectivity with god makes their devotees always far from the obstacles and m gifts them the glorious  time to make it enjoy and spend their energy and purity in the worshipping.

2. Hindu cultures and traditions:

holi festival celebration in Hinduism

Especially and significantly, it is the Hindu cultures who make every occasion special. Among all of them,  Holi is also one of them having their own specification and features and meaning which gives the tastes different from others. It’s the thing that makes the person more creative and active to survive in life and community with prestigious tag. Hindu cultures speak the truth and originality because we all are the origin of the earth and we believes that every creature of the earth are the gift of the God. The Hindu cultures are mostly seen glad in this festive season but there are also other community people who support.

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It’s another thing not into involve but there is something more confusion in the other community why to celebrate Holi. If they know the answer of why to celebrate Holi, then they also join our hands for it is not limitational celebration. A person who makes the change have to change first themselves. The mount Everest can only invite you for coming, you have walk yourself. Similarly, the Hindu cultures and tradition have speared it’s nature and system all over the world that become so popular and  I thin =k it is celebrated all over the world with their own names but containing the festival of colors and different colors.

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How to Celebrate Holi Festival with Pictures

holi festival celebration colurs

How to Celebrate Holi Festival with Pictures

Holi is Hindu competition that celebrates the advent of spring. The celebration is well known over the route of numerous days, generally in the 2nd week of the March. Holi is single of the maximum famous Hindu festival, as well as it is celebrated through human beings equally youthful and old. Beginning to light the Holika bonfire, just before playing colorings, to traveling with buddies and circle of relatives, Holi is an ancient Hindu spiritual competition which has come to be popular with non-Hindus in lots of components of South Asia, in addition to people of other groups outside Asia. It’s miles celebrated on the approach of the spring equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (full Moon).

Hot Girls holi festival celebration

Hot Girls in Holi festival celebration

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The competition date, that’s decided with the aid of the Hindu calendar, varies from year to 12 months on the Gregorian calendar, usually coming in March, now and again in February. It’s miles basically observed in India, Nepal, and their Diaspora in other regions of the world. In latest years the festival has spread to components of Europe and North the United States as a spring birthday party of love, frolic, and colorations. Holi is notable celebrations to deliver the community collectively and have fun the triumph of exact over evil.

Girls holi festival celebration

Girls Holi festival celebration


First off, with the aid of lights the Holika bonfire. For this accumulate and stack the timber. Traditionally, forty days sooner than the Holi festival here would exist a log positioned within the middle of the metropolis to indicate it turned into an occasion to gather firewood used in support of the Holika bonfire. All of us positioned any timber or flammable piece of materials they’d on the summit of the log, and that they’d become with a huge pile of timber prepared to burn. Acquire enough wooden and combustible fabric to generate an average to the big sized pile to your Holika bonfire. After this, place the figure of Holika on the wood. At the eve of Holi, region a combustible figure of Holika, sister of devil ruler Hiranyakashipu, within the pile of firewood.

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holi festival celebration children

children in Holi festival celebration

Burning Holika within the bonfire symbolizes the success of superior over evil for the reason that she is stated to have tried to take the life of Prahlad, the lad of Hiranyakashipu and a committed admirer of Lord Narayana. And then, light the bonfire. Use a heart starter similar to kerosene near tip a touch at the timber to help get the heart going. Light a fit and fling it into the stack of timber to start the fireplace. Make certain to stand some distance from the timber when seeking to begin the fireplace so that you will not obtain hurt. Collect friends, a circle of relatives, or the community together to observe the Holika bonfire mild.

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holi festival celebration colurs

Holi festival celebration

Secondly, by using a manner of playing the colors. For this, buy or make shades. The day of Holi

Celebration, human beings rejoice the give up of iciness and the approaching of spring with the aid of showering every different with wonderful painted face powder and water. You could buy a shade that could be a natural crimson-orange color crafted from the plants of palash. The plants are dried out with floor to create color. You could additionally buy abeer, which create a shiny silver shade. People regularly join the two to create an amusing purple-orange sparkly colored powder. You may additionally discover shades of yellow with green to shop for in markets. There are numerous extra shades available which are prepared as of rice flour and herbal shades. As soon as you bought color then smear shades on your dear ones.

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holi festival celebration girl pictures

Holi festival celebration

Spread the colored powder against your pals and family to lead them to colorful and begin the competition of colors. The colors are nonpoisonous also acquired stain so have a laugh smearing them for your family contributors’ arms, legs, back, hands, and hair. No longer only that however as well, sprays colored water by pichkaris. A pichkari is a water handgun to shoot colored water from as a chuckle way to have a great time Holi. Blend a number of the colored powders with water after which upload it to the pichkari. Utilize the pichkari for cowl humans with colored water and experience gambling inside the vivid colors. Pichkaris are specifically amusing for youngsters to have an awesome time Holi with. They make tremendous gadgets for kids in education for the Holi party. Thirdly, don’t play handiest in your own home you have to visit buddies residence in holy.

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holi festival celebration in India

Holi festival celebration in India

On the late afternoon when the birthday party of the colors has unresponsive, many groups are fond of to go to buddies or circle of relatives to experience the night. Holi is a celebration supposed to convey together the community so it culminates through spending together and relish within the day’s festivities. You could exchange candies with them. It’s commonplace to carry goodies to exchange with your buddies and own family whilst you go to them.

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holi festival celebration

Holi festival celebration

Human beings convey conventional Nepali delicacies to get pleasure from collectively developing a fantastic quit to the holy celebration. Coconut Burfi, Ladooo, or Carrot added Halwa might be top notch chocolates to carry. Revel in an evening with cherished ones. a few cities prepare huge Holi to get together within the night, however, you may also just experience traveling at a person’s home. Trade hugs and nicely wishes with buddies and circle of relatives to rejoice Holi and the spirit of brotherhood. Keep making song songs and taking part in dances as the nighttime winds down. Holi virtually is an all day birthday party.

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Hot Girls holi festival celebration in India

Hot Girls in Holi festival celebration in India

To sum up, Make your bonfires in an open area far away from bushes, and best allow a person mild it. Buy natural colorings so they’re less probably to react together with your skin. The Holika statue needs to be made with flammable substances on the way to burn inside the fireplace. Take a look at together with your network to peer if there are any community Holi celebrations deliberate.

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writer: Saugat Jung Thapa

How to Celebrate Holi Festival in Nepal with Pictures

18 Latest Holi होली Shayari in Nepali for Facebook Friends

Latest Holi होली Shayari in Nepali for Facebook Friends

Get here holi sms in Nepali language. We have uploaded in this psot holi sms, shayari, messages, wishes, greetings in Nepali language.

Nepali SMS messages collection contains rang ko parva holy sms, rang ko parva sms, messages, Free Rang ko parva Funny Rang ko parva Greeting Messages Latest messages.

Holi Shayari in Nepali Language and Font

1. Holi SHAYARI in Nepali Language for girlfriend

Rang haroo maa gaalaa keti ko raato gulaabi chha
Jo dekhne garchha vanne garchha ki maal gulaabi chha
Pachhillo barsa timeele jasalaai vijaayeko thiyo holi maa
Ahile samma nishaani ko tyo rumaal gulaabi chha.

1. Holi SHAYARI in Nepali Language for girlfriend

रङ हरु मा गाला केटी को रातो गुलाबी छ
जो देख्ने गर्छ भन्ने गर्छ कि माल गुलाबी छ
पछिल्लो बर्ष तिमीले जसलाई भिजाएको थियो होली मा
अहिले सम्मा निशानी को त्यो रुमाल गुलाबी छ ।

Happy Holi HD Wallpapers Greeting Wishing Cards Facebook Friend Quotes Images Pictures Background Designs

Happy colourful festival holi 2016

1. Holi SHAYARI in Nepali Language for girlfriend

Raṅa haroo mā gālā kēṭī kō rātō gulābī cha
jō dēkhnē garcha vannē garcha ki māla gulābī cha
pachillō barṣa timīlē jasalā’ī vijā’ēkō thiyō hōlī mā
ahilē sam’mā niśānī kō tyō rumāla gulābī cha.

2. Holi SMS in Nepali Language for friend

Khayer gujiyaa, piyer vaang,
lagayer ali ali rang,
bajaayer Dholak ra mridang,
khelchhu holi ma timee sang.
Holi 2017 Badhaai!

2. Holi SMS in Nepali Language for friend

खाएर गुजिया, पिएर भाङ्,
लगएर अलि अलि रङ्,
बजाएर ढोलक र मृदाङ,
खेल्छु होली म तिमी सङ ।
होली 2073 बधाइ!

2. Holi SMS in Nepali Language for friend

Khā’ēra gujiyā, pi’ēra vāṅ,
laga’ēra ali ali raṅ,
bajā’ēra ḍhōlaka ra mr̥dāṅa,
khēlchu hōlī ma timī saṅa.
Hōlī 2017 badhā’i!

3. Holi WISHES in Nepali Language for lover

Rang haroo ko parba maa sabai rang haroo hos varmar,
dherai dherai khushi haroo le variyos tapaaiko sansar,
Yahi kamana chha vagwaan sanga mero harek paTak,
Holi Badhaai chha mero yaar!

3. Holi WISHES in Nepali Language for lover

धेरै धेरै खुशी हरु ले भरियोस तपाइको संसार,
यही कामना छ भागवान सँग मेरो हरेक पटक्,
होली बधाइ छ मेरो यार्!

3. Holi WISHES in Nepali Language for lover

Dhērai dhērai khuśī haroo lē variyōsa tapā’ikō sansāra,
yahī kāmanā cha vāgavāna sam̐ga mērō harēka paṭak,
hōlī badhā’i cha mērō yār!