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Top 10 HSEB colleges in Nepal

  1. Prasadi Academy:-

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From its opening in 1997 AD, Prasadi Academy has held an alarming position between Nepal’s popular groups of +2 through its devotion to the uppermost educational values. In the course of its syllabus, +2 life, plus extracurricular behavior, it motivates student’s critical thoughts and heightens their moral feeling. It motivates them to be searchers of fact, accountable and well-informed citizens of the earth in front of hard competition posed by the rapidly growing improvement of science and equipment.

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  1. Xavier’s College:-

St. Xavier’s College is an educational institution established in 1988. It is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is controlled by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). It offers intermediate level high school courses i.e. grades 11 and 12 through the Cambridge A-levels and 10+2 programs, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in natural science, business, social science, and humanities.


  1. Mary’s Higher Secondary School:-

St. Mary’s High School, located in Kathmandu, was established in the year 1955; it is in the control of the Sisters of the worshippers of Jesus founded by an English woman, Mary Ward, in 1609. It is an international organization especially dedicated to the teaching of youth. This organization is open to females of all communities, irrespective of condition, social group, faith and belief. This school imparts not only intellectual education to girls, but also supports them to outline an integrated behavior. This will build them and respect to womanhood and a foundation of joy and blessings to all with whom they get in touch with. Physical preparation, social and cultural activities and other extracurricular works are given adequate place in the student’s education to create them closely controlled and valuable citizens. Value education, taught to all students, aims at inculcating in them right principles and attitudes.


  1. Kathmandu Model College / Higher Secondary School:-

Kathmandu Model Higher Secondary School (KMC) is well known name for almost everyone throughout Nepal. Since its establishment in 2000 A.D., it has always been striving for quality education, and in the course of a decade it has carved out for itself an enviable niche at the summit of the best colleges in the country. KMC has been synonymous to quality education. People feel proud of this college today as it has been imparting quality education as per the demand of time. No wonder, Kathmandu Model College is growing like a tree under the successful management team and the leadership of the Principal. KMC was established with a collective endeavor of reputed academicians and professionals who possess writing edge knowledge in their fields. The day and night effort of these scholars has led it to obtain 100% results in board exams of HSEB, and those of T.U. It has been trying its best to promote itself to more excellence.


  1. Global College of Management Higher Secondary School:-

Global College of Management is an English intermediate educational institution. The College has been operating +2 (Management), Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS) in addition to Master in Business Studies (MBS) programs. The +2 program is affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), and BBS and MBS programs are affiliated to Tribhuban University (TU). The college occupies nonviolent environment and large land area at Mid-Baneshower. The interiors of the college are decorated with high-tech services and the whole building pose an incomparable look being built on state-of-the-art infrastructure superiority.


  1. Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School:-

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Sagarmatha Higher Secondary School is the most desired college for higher studies equally by, the students plus their parents at Pokhara. This college was founded by eight teachers in the year 2057 B.S. and currently this school has almost 40 teachers. However science was only the faculty that is taught here at the establishment, the college has also started management faculty. The team of devoted teachers, they catch this occupation as a social profession, is the key reason of achievement of the college. Even if this college is located in city, the sounds of the roads are unable to reach the classrooms as the college was opened with enhanced preparation right at the opening. Sagarmatha, which was capable to obtain bestowed with superior results right in the opening, at present admits 20% of the children’s from local area along with 30% from schools exterior area. This college has come as an paradigm for those who think that the intelligent students are essential for producing excellent results. This college has scholarship schemes for justified students.


  1. Sainik Aawasiya Mahavidhyalaya:-

Sainik Aawasiya Mahavidhyalaya is an undergraduate college founded in 1976 with a joint investment of Nepali Army and the Tribhuban University. It is located in sallaghari, Bhaktapur. It runs intermediate level classes in Management (+2 Management, Humanities and Science) under the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and BBA in affiliation with Tribhuban University. BSAM has always been committed to providing quality education through learning experiences designed to develop student’s intellectual abilities, as well as social, moral, cultural and ethical values.


  1. Little Angels College /Higher Secondary School:-

Little Angels’ College provides students dynamic Science and Commerce programs designed to follow the Government of Nepal’s Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) curriculum. Little Angels College also offers Cambridge A LEVELS program to students with Faculty Science and Non-Science. It is located in Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal.


  1. United Academy Higher Secondary School:-

Situated at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, United Academy (UA), established in 1997 affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Nepal is a +2 college for Science, Management and Humanities. Over a period of fifteen years, it has built up an outstanding position of its own as a most sought-after college in Kathmandu valley. This adequately proves United Academy’s academic success. During this period United Academy has extended into a junior wing, United School up to SLC level and a senior wing, United College for BA, BBS and MBS, affiliated to Tribhuban University, Nepal. The college follows scientific teaching technique, allowing students to approach their subjects with a keen insight. As a result, they come up with a clear concept of the subjects and develop their own vision about them. Consequently, it helps the students pursue their higher studies with confidence.


  1. Capital college and Research Center:-

Capital College and Research Center is located in Koteshwor near balkumari bridge, Kathmandu. With the initiation of young, enthusiastic academicians and likeminded professionals, Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) came into being in 2001 AD with the maxim “Quest for knowledge with wisdom”. Located in idyllic surroundings conducive to intellectual contemplation and advancement, the college affords all the educational amenities of its own so essential in pursuit of academic excellence. The college, based on the long standing principles, perpetuates this outstanding legacy as it moves forward striving to make the students achievers, problem solvers and winners in their intended fields. At CCRC, the opportunities are abundant for the students to fully develop their personal caliber through exceptional educational experience in a warm, friendly and multi-disciplinary discipline.

Best Schools in Nepal

Reasons Why Education is The Key to Success in Life

Best Schools in Nepal

Best School in Nepal : – Schools are the best place for children to start their learning beside the home. So, most of the parents are always aware of their children school. They want the best school for their children so that their academic level will be high and they acquire good manners, personality, and skills for their career. But not all schools are as good as expected. There are many schools with very low education system while there are very good schools with high academic status. So, one must care about the academic status of the school. Besides, they should also look for the school that gives priority to the extra curriculum activities so that students can have academic knowledge with excellent practical, outdoor skills that will help them in their career path.

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Writing speed

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Well, we can’t say a school is bad or good based on its academic result. There are various other factors that should be calculated to define the status of the school. Every year, the government of Nepal issue the list of top schools of Nepal based on their academic performance, extra curriculum activities, and management system. Here are the top 10 Best school of Nepal based on the research of Ministry of Education in the year 2072. The government of Nepal categorized the best school in two categories. They are Public school and private school. The best one will be provided the cash prize every year.

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Best Public schools of Nepal

Development Region Name of School Address
Eastern Development Region Baruneshwor Higher Secondary School Rampur, Okhaldhunga
Central Development Region Tarun Higher Secondary School Balaju, Kathmandu
Western Development Region Kanti Higher Secondary School Butwal, Rupandehi
Midwestern Development Region Bhairab Higher Secondary School Sinja, Jumla
Far-western Development Region Samauji Higher Secondary school Majhagau, Kailali

 Best Private schools of Nepal

Development Region Name of School Address
Eastern Development Region Bal Kalyan Vidya Mandir Biratnagar, Morang
Central Development Region The Excelsior Aawasiya Higher Secondary school Swyambhu, Kathmandu
Western Development Region Gandaki Aawashiya Higher secondary school Lamachaur, Kaski
Midwestern Development Region Tulasi Aawashiya Higher secondary school Tulsipur, Dang
Far-western Development Region Shree International public school Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur

These are the best school for the year 2072 according to the government of Nepal. There are many other good schools in Nepal that are providing quality education in Nepal. Some of them are Buddhanilkantha school, Rato Bangla school, Little angels school, St. Xavier school, St. Mary school, Chelsea International Academy, Daffodil school and so on.

When it comes to school, most of the parents have the wrong concept regarding the view of the good school. Most of them think that school with higher standard and charges are of good school but in reality, they are not. Today’s, in the Nepal there are the schools providing quality education with low fee.  Samata Academy is one of the best examples of the school with the low fee but providing the quality education to the students in Nepal. School should focus to provide an excellent education to children of Nepal if they want to build nation building citizens near future.

Best Schools in Nepal

Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

trinity college in Nepal

Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

Best and top 10 A level college in Nepal: A level stands for Advanced level. It is the General certificate of education qualification, an equivalent to the intermediated level student of Nepal. It is two year of duration. The first year is A1 Level and the second year is A2 level. Students who have passed SLC (secondary level education)in Nepal can get admitted to A level. After A level, students can go to the University entrance. Since there are large numbers of A-level college in Nepal, most of the students will be in a dilemma which college is right for them. If you are waiting for your SLC result and planning to pursue A level education then, here are the top 10 A level college in Nepal:

Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

  1. Little Angel’s College

little angels college college in Nepal

little angels college in Nepal

It was founded in 1997 under NEF. NEF stands for Nepal Education Foundation which was founded by a group of an experienced educationist. The college has been providing the quality education to the students since its establishment. So, it is one of the best colleges in Nepal. It has been offering A level to the students with innovative teaching methods due to which the passed out students have outstanding performance in the final examinations. It is situated in Hattiban, Lalitpur.

  1. Xavier International college

    xavier international college in Nepal

    Xavier international college in Nepal

Since its establishment, it has been providing an outstanding education to the students. It was established in 2000 and it has grown its brand name throughout the country.  Its education quality has been so much accredited by the students since it has been developing the independent work habit among the students and taking responsibility for their own.  Beside A level, it has been offering +2, school level and Montessori pre-school. It is a member of HISSAN, PABSON, and CEAN. It is situated in Kalopul, Kathmandu.

  1. Kathmandu Valley Higher secondary school

    kathmandu valley college in Nepal

    Kathmandu valley college in Nepal

Kathmandu valley Higher secondary school shortly known as KVHSS is providing high-quality education to its students. It has 31 years of dedicated service in the field of education. It has been encouraging, challenging and nurturing the student to perform their best abilities. It has been maintaining its excellence academic records with extra curriculum activities. It offers school, higher secondary school, bachelor’s and A level course to students. If you want to know more about this college, you can visit it official site It is situated in Maharajgung, Kathmandu.

  1. Malpi International college

malpi college in Nepal

malpi college in Nepal

Malpi International college was established in 1998 with a slogan of ‘’a tradition of excellence’’. It is situated in Baluwater, Subarna Shumsher Marg. It’s building gives a very impressive look to its visitors. It has already gained the reputation with its excellence education. It has been offering A level of Cambridge University, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) of Pokhara University. It’s A-level education is one of the most prominent education in Nepal. To know more about A level from this college, you can visit its official website You can also visit the college.

  1. Orient college of science and management

orient college in Nepal

orient college in Nepal

It was founded in 2003 in Maharajgunj with a group of excellent educationists, academicians, social workers and scholars with more than 18 years of experience in the field of education. With a very short period of time, it has been a popular name among parents and students. With its slogan ‘’Education for excellence’’, it has been providing an excellent education to the students with the view to bring out the potential of the youth for the nation building. It’s A level is one of the most famous compared to other colleges. To know more about the courses and fees, you can visit

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Top 10 Best A Level College in Nepal

How to Get Good Marks in Exams Without Studying? 16 Tips and Tricks

Cheating in exam

How to get good marks in exams without studying

Students are the mediator factor or elements for the building of the nation. They are the input and processing components which are going to come out with full potentiality, propensity, and prosperity. Many of the students break the records at the unusual condition whereas some break themselves. It is the powering features which may have more than level and some lack I this quality. There are many students who go to school but they don’t present their mind with body. Their mind and attention are moving in the zoo where there is not the animal but the beautiful girls.

Teenagers are mostly connected to the beautiful girls and the internet the sites, making the students non-qualitative day by days, which shows effects in unemployment and in the economic channel of the country. Channelizing all the students in pattern and move and train them with better momentum for the country strength and scoping the values of quality and skilled manpower in the world by the name of the nation. But it’s unlucky to not having this conclusion, and have to face the taste of humiliating defeat. The man wants to grab the mango without planting and spraying the medicine in it.

Similarly, the students also want to achieve the higher marks in the exam without studying and laboring in education. The good output can be only produced or acquired by the goods input. They forget this fundamental statement and kept silence and make the hand resting but also they wish to results the good capsicum. They are busy in seeking the tools and techniques for acquiring the good marks in the exam without studying. So we have come with the lots of wanted trick and tips for making easiness in your thoughts and behavior, helps you to feel comfortable too and happy along with:

1. Vidya mantra:

This is the Vidya mantra which makes you satisfied after pronunciation twice a day. This mantra refers to the education Chakra and makes them the concentrative and eager to study. This mantra is very powerful which changes the student’s mind, you can get in the other books. student mostly want to get good marks with doing labor, means to achieve something great without working hard.

vidya mantra

This mantra helps you in getting good marks even without studying. You have to keep in mind that, no any students can acquire the good marks without studying mentally and physically. So these are the only formats to increase your interest and eager toward the book reading.

2. Making notes:

This is also the major tasks which are not prepared by the majority of the students. But it determines the student evaluation. Students are not focusing their concentration on the study and making focused in other non-essential things and matter. Student’s first work should be the preparation of the notes of all subject.

Making notes

The students who are irregular can’t prepare the notes due to non-understandings and confusion to occur while studying. So you have to make notes even by consulting the teachers or the curious students for making note and help which gives you the better platform to pass out.

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How to Apply For Student Visa in USA From Nepal – A Complete Guide for Nepali Students

student girl reading books

Nepalese are born in Nepal but they have the dream of the world to get. The Nepalese student’s destiny is hidden in the America. Most of the Nepalese parents and the student too are concerned and interested to sent their son and to go the America. America is like the dream of the many Nepalese students, though they try for many processes. The America government pick up five thousand of Nepalese through EDV system which is referred as the Electronic Diversity Visa.

How to Apply For Student Visa in USA From Nepal – A Complete Guide for Nepali Students

Nepal is not the country of studying and getting the better job they think about the education system of Nepal. And there are also the many unemployed manpower which are looking for tasty salary and better lifestyles with smell. But they are not getting their investment return with profit due to lack of industrial development, foreign investment, environment al problem, economical problems etc.

student girl reading books

a student is reading book

There are also many literate unemployed and illiterate unemployed. But mainly the literate manpower try for the visa for getting the higher education to be continued along with the better income. The Nepalese very much go to America and almost on the average of more than thousand students flies to America for the higher education. America is the largest junction of education world where there are the services of taking and studying more than 2500 courses. It depends upon your choices which you want to join and achieve.

Mostly the Nepalese students travel America for their bachelor degree and master degree education. There are also many students who are not aware about this structure to go America. And I think it is the best way to run the student’s dream vechiles to enter the America through the education tricks. The easy way to go America is by taking the student visa which gives you sweet in both hand one you get better education while other you can earn the money better for you advanced lifestyles. Let’s see the further process to get the pass of enter to the dream country that is America.

1. Improvement of students:

This is the first step that you have to prove yourself as the real student having the real certificate and documents. If you come out the fraud then the doors of possibility close for entering of America. If you are trying to get a further education then you have to submit the earlier class document. According to rule, it is banned to the S.L.C. graduated student to go for the interlevel education.

certificate of appreciation


The education system is opened and the visa is only provided to the Intercrossed level students for their bachelor or the master degree achievement. If you able to prove yourself as the right student then you freely move on the next steps.

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2. Dealing with consultancy:

for better and security purposes, you have to fist deal with any reliable consultancy which is operating their services for a long time and have got the succeed to sent and settled in America. There are also the many consultancies sitting beside the road and crying for taking the service in lower charge. Never fall in their false pit with greedy sense. They are not the real but the reel. If you become able to choose the reliable consultancy with money and sending guarantee then you can now take rest for while. The next step from here starts with dealing:

dealing with consultancy hr management

dealing with consultancy

Never fall in their false pit with greedy sense. They are not the real but the reel. If you become able to choose the reliable consultancy with money and sending guarantee then you can now take rest for while. The next step from here starts with dealing:

7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

concentration a girl is concerning to the book

Thanks to various stories and novels, we are able to venture into the world of mystery, magic and creativity. Reading is to comprehend the meanings of symbols or characters that have been written down. Reading helps us to broaden your understanding of the world. It gives us an opportunity to empathise or see the world from someone else’s shoes to better understand the people around you.

There are countless Benefits to reading everyday and here are 7 of them:

7 Reasons You Should Start Reading Everyday

1 Improve writing skills

writing skills

When we read books and novels that are written by experienced professionals, we also learn how they write. We learn how to frame certain ideas into a paragraph. Studies have shown that when we read the writings of published, well-written work, it has an effect on people’s own writing abilities by observing and learning the writing styles of other authors by influencing our own writing style.

2 Improves memory

improve memory

Generally, in a book or a novel, there  are various settings, characters, their backstories and various other subplots. This requires our mind to remember each of the characters, settings, subplots, their characteristics and other specific details. The interesting part is that, every new memory forces our brain to forge new synapses or a pathways while strengthening the existing ones, making it much easier to remember things in the future.