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I am a student, a responsible writer, and a hard-working boy. I am a passionate writer from Kathmandu Nepal.

Top 10 HSEB Colleges of Nepal

Top 10 HSEB colleges of Nepal Prasadi Academy:- From its opening in 1997 AD, Prasadi Academy has held an alarming position between Nepal’s popular groups of +2 through its devotion to the uppermost educational values. In the course of its syllabus, +2 life, plus extracurricular behavior, it motivates student’s critical thoughts and heightens their moral …

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10 Famous books of Nepal

Palpasa Café:- Palpasa Café is a unique by Nepali writer Narayan Wagle. It tells the tale of an artist, Drishya, throughout the peak of the Nepalese Civil warfare. The novel is in part a love tale of Drishya and the primary technology American Nepali, Palpasa, who has lower back to the land of her mother …

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10 Popular Festivals of Nepal

Nepal is enormously called the world of colorful vibrant fairs. Most of the fairs celebrated in Nepal have the religious connotation and some are primarily based on vital occasions from historic mythology and epic literature. The shiny cultural diversity of Nepal may be found within the difference of different competition celebrations. Exactly here are the …