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History of Madhesi Movement in Nepal

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History of Madhesi movement in Nepal

History of Madhesi Movement in Nepal :- Nepal is the democratic Loktantrik country with the great chain of Nepalese support for the right selection and providence of equal right to every Nepalese as the definition of democracy and Loktantrik explain. But some of the politicians have ruling and regime the country with their self-made definition and principle which is against the context. The politicians of Nepal have mocked types that have made the country like the ground and matter of scrap. They have not the mission and vision of the development of Nepal and make the country prosperity. There are many leaders who are busy in gaining their own values, wealth and adding the stairs and floor in their home with the black income earned from positioning in politics.

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madhesh aandolan nepal news photos revolution free terai tharu (1)

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Many of the politicians have not their own indoctrinate due to their lizard character and even not any knowledge.  With great sorrow,  I am obliged to say, it’s the country where the uneducated person becomes the education minister and those who have not even seen the farming land become the agricultural minister. Making the topic more clear, the country is full of the Nepalese but having their all own identity and assistant in the society. Among all, Madhesi is one of the backward society and almost two-third of the total population of the nation. The Madhesi of Nepal is even in struggling phase for their equal rights. The 21st century says there is freedom of everyone and freedom of all positive things, every should get the equal value and equal position and participation. In Nepal, due to some of their power and political impact, they have captured the large number of the booth of the vote in their own control and under their arms.

Madhesi looked the struggle in Nepal and struggling for Nepal but the government is giving the support in sluggish mood and tiny incentives.  Madhesi have given many contributions for the country that is immortal. The betrayer forgets the person help when he gets rid out of problems. The same arbitrary and activities are going with the Madhesi people living in Terai or Madhesh region. Madhesi are treated as the backbencher and backstroker and they have not any fear of their attack or invade. A person who has not any knowledge about the history of Madhesh will only speak against the Madhesh and behave intolerantly and cruel. There is a big history of Madhesh if you enter deeply but there are some phases I have only taken here to draw your attention and make you convince and inject you the reality and facts without any mixture and exaggeration.  The society having the largest population in entire the country and even though they are in struggling rude road.

The country can only sign up and step up if the unification of all the people entire the country will change their mentality and adopt the thought of we all are Nepalese either they belongs from eastern or western, either they belongs from Madhesh or Pahad.  Two eyesight of government has made many Madhesi wept and passed with the pits of dismal. There are many mothers who have lost their creative and lovely child, also exist many wives who have made their life whiten forever due to the passes of their caring husband.  Tears fall from the eyes after lighting and focusing the sorrows of all martyrs grounding and starting history. Adding the more facts,  they are not the foolish rather they have the thirst of equal right and wants to live in freed society not behaving like the colonized.  There are a novelty and uncountable novel of sorrow if started to describe the chapter of dismal and sadness only of the great and graced martyrs and their sacrifices for the Madhesh. Let’s go below and talk about more about the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal.

Bitter but best facts:

It’s the time of about 1960 B.S., there was the system of taking passport and Madhesi have to show their passport to enter the Kathmandu. This fact also shows that Madheshi is treated and dominated from initial time. They are treated Madhesi as their servant and done their works by their hands giving the instruction because all the administrative and police and army were theirs. Even now,  about 75% of intervenes and domination is alive in Nepal with Madhesi people. These types of bitter truth also show the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal, how they are fighting with the government and how the government of Nepal is acting like the deaf and foolish. It’s the too heart penetrated facts, that the Madhesi are checked in Hetauda, Chitwan, while they are traveling to Kathmandu for any of their official works. Madhesi are always kept in the back and used as the pusher of the vehicle.  This types of historical facts made the Madhesi aggressive but the action needs the conducive time to act and react against it. Due to patience and eccentric and not brutal though, Madhesi are asking for the right with open and wide mouth without making weapon and gun hands. So, history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal also describes the ancient past facts.

Janakpur invades over King:

After facing the unlimited and daily discrimination and naughty behavior by the governmental administrative, activeness of Madhesi agitation have reached up to international headlines from the conduction of great march and protest in many gaps of times. It also gives the message about the victims and dominated sense due to the killing of one innocent Madhesi after the agitation of King visit to  Janakpur. It’s the people born rights to agitate anyone and anything you dislike it.   After the visit of King Birendra to Janakpur for the revealing and addressing the people with their values and subsidies or anything more else, at that time, it is said and is truth that one, Madhesi  have  agitated  in front of BIrenrdra, then after he was killed by police by the administration and instruction given by Birendra. This types of action and non-human activities how their mentality of the regime by make the people of Madhesi confuse and make them one the back supporter and Potter. This event has also burned and rises with great enthusiastic of Madhesi unity but the government has pressed with their police and army power by doing and making the people afraid giving the painful torture by grasping while doing the protesting.  This is also the action which speaks about the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal held in the gap of time and period of time for the actual and right demand of a large number of populated society.

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Great march  in 2062/63:

This was one of the historical and exhaustively powerful agitations against the government made by the Madhesi people. There expected even not the single person left at home, all have come descended on the road and making their voice common robust asking for the equal rights and equal placement or participation of Madhesi in every sector. Usual and positioning prime minister of that time, the great leader of Nepal and also treated as the  Asia Girija Prasad Koirala, have almost given the rights and have made the agreement of nine points with  Madhesi party and alliance. But all their dream and agreement become the toilet paper after his death. The new politicians have made the and start again treating Madhesi as the step brother.

With an increment of agitation against the government by the Madhesi, the government also start increment in inspection and investigation of the document of Madhesi if they go to the office for some work. This is the great matter and the news of spitting over the thought as they are treating with Madhesi. The march of Madhesi in 2062/63 have made recognition of the MADHESI and Mades and also exist inside Nepal and the people of that places are struggling and asking for their equal rights and participation, have died many too with the bullets of administrative.

The administration has killed and shoots the innocent Madhesi who are also their own countrymen. The bullets have a spade and flown away from their body and head, many become handicapped and many injured. The government have given hope and made the Madhesi optimized for their promise of giving  Rs. 10 Lakh d to all defunct family and provide the job to anyone of the family members. In contrary, all promise become the ash and even not all dead declared the martyrs and there are many families who have not achieved the announcement of Rs.  10 lakhs. These types of ballooning promise and hopes have made the Madhesi valueless and government mannerless and characterless. These types of protest lead and push the country prestige down and make the country economic fragile or handicapped.

Black day celebration on constitution announcement:

The Madhesi people of celebrating the 2072/ Ashoj 3 as the black day, it is the day when the government and political and parliamentary member are announcing the constitution of Nepal. The first president of Nepal belongs from Madhesi society. The half countrymen celebrate the day as the light of festival called DIWALI whereas the  Madhesi centered people celebrates this day as the black day as even not lit up the bulbs and spend the whole night in darkness. This types of action and support of more than 50%  straddled people of Madhesh.

madhesh aandolan black day new constitution naya sambidhan ashoj 3 nepal (1)

Madhesi are against the constitution and they have confronted many domination and discrimination by the governmental administrative and always striking and giving the ultimatum to the government to announce and released the constitution of all and everyone rights inclusion. The constitution should not contain the rights and values, and respect of some portion and some specific cases, it must contain the every aspect and equal values of all the people and all the countrymen entire the country. But they have not listened to anyone of the voice and taken the ultimatum as the wanting of children given on the game of rubber-band. So, it was also the history of the Madhesi movement in Nepal arises in the gap of time still now.

Sanction of six months:

History of Madhesi movement in Nepal does not fix the time for upheavals but there is adapted like the race of the Madhesi movement done and occurrence in a gap of time for their equal value and equal respect. After the announcement of the constitution, the Madhesi have started and announced also the sanction for an indefinite period, later on, it gets open after six months. The people of Kathmandu have become like the hungry tiger came in aggression mood and want to snatch anything with anyone if they look.

oil tanker in madhesh terai nepal

oil tanker in madhesh Terai of Nepal

The government has tried many times to persuade the Madhesi centralized party to open the border closing done on the border of all Madhesh touched. There was a blockade of everything, and inflation has taken their position and grown drastically in upwards which have made much Nepalese poor and poor Nepalese rich. The country has to load much economic pressure and has made the economic fragile without giving the rights and equal participation to Madhesi. After six months, with obligation and imperative, the government request the Madhesi parties for agreement and exit the sanction. After the points agreement, border reopens.

The killing of  sixty in March of 2073:

In period and movement of sanction, there were risen of various confliction with Madhesi  Morcha and government police.the government and police have used their power forcefully to make any fade the protestor from the border and also want to quit the agitation and announcement of the strike of a long period of time. Due to the scarcity of all grocery things and life surviving things, there were the conditions reached near to pestilence. The people of Himalayan was in the trap and trying to get rid of all these problems. But the border was closed, and the scarcity of petrol and diesel have reduced the vehicles on the road.

madhesh aandolan nepal news photos revolution free terai tharu (1)

These also speak about the history   Madhesi movement in  Nepal. In that sanction and many fights, more than sixty Madhesi have lost their life by eating and receiving the bullets of Nepalese police. Any some are announced as the martyrs and some are not, some are provided the money and some have not received. These all are the history of the Madhesi movement of Nepal addressed in the gap of time. This is the matter of great sorrow that even the race of 21st century Nepal is so behind and back that there is not an establishment of a constitution and it’s implementation permanently.

11 Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal

teasing girl by boy

Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal

Every leaf of the single tree is same can’t be requisite. There may be the change in shape, size, and color too due to their growth and getting the sunlight or other recipes too. Similarly, there are many people whose thought does not get matched with another one. Means to say there is various person who is consent on your saying or promulgation. it’s not the news and fake to hide it because the world knows about natural beauty. Its beauty has emboldened the visitor and tourist and make them addicted too with their wings of beauty gives their own sun and shine. A tourist who came to visit and wonders the Nepal in their own camera and captured the limelight shaded in every platform and structured in everywhere with their own feather and rang. Those who come to Nepal have their large and longs list of plans to make here true with the support of natural hands and natural shadow. The man needs refreshment due to their trot of a busy life. It’s the pension and also the format of making tension free for grasping the felicity in the arms of natural beauty.

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 Natural beauty and natural figures of Nepal will make your intent and motion captured and trapped in their lovely worlds from where you do not want to come out. Opponents, there are some of the people to who gets marrow in doing respectful things. Disrespectful things to do in Nepal also not gives you allow to do such activities that make you and society hamper and shame. You have to earlier be understood about the norms and needs, pleasure and principle of Nepalese people that will make you adjust and makes your fun more incentives and innovative. Many tourists come here and show their vulgarity which has make and treated them non-sense and society has also changed their eyes to behave with them. It’s the Hindu nation and according to Hindu holy book, the tourist is treated and respected as the God because they are our special person. More to context, there are everything presence in tables if your orders, the pleasure and pleasant are waiting for your orders and payment.

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They are always in welcoming mood and delivering cart. A tourist who wants to roll their body and motion in the wave and smell dust of natural gifts can have those types of permission. Instead, there are many tourists who are in the search and trying of doings the disrespectful things to do in Nepal, I also n support ion your statement and thought, Nepal is the small country but Nepalese have large hearts. The errors can be edited and forgiven but the offend or crime have not any excuse. There you have to play and perform your all desires and pleasurable activities inside the limits and boundary of decent. This is also your m person identity-warping and making fun matter, you are here tourist not the citizenship holder of Nepal. Talking to the topics of disrespectful things to do in Nepal, you can have many options but you have to look on your surrounding either anybody is here or near about you or not, watching in hidden mode. If you caught in raid hand, then you have to pass with many fences punishment. So, following are some of the disrespectful things which give you ideas and advice as well about disrespectful things to do in Nepal with following points and plates:

1. Hugging another girlfriend:

What will you feel if anybody snatches you’re eating bread from your hands? Similarly, this is also one of the disrespectful things to do in Nepal which will make your surely the disrespect and extinct from the Nepalese territory too if you caught in anger mood. Lover and lockers only have rights to open and hug to their own inputs which they are connected with. Another girlfriend is their priceless assets which do not want to sell any of the lovers in the auction. Hugging other girlfriends show you intend to use and overlook the society and another girlfriend.

catching anothe girlfriend hand

with another girlfriend

It will be may be published in the news if you continue your activities for some of the days till it does not make you popular. Disrespectful things to do in Nepal have various aspects to treat with others and one of it is hugging the other girlfriend. Hugging to your own girlfriend is your right sand daily actions but hugging to another girlfriend in front of their lovers and publicly makes you some disrespectful treating in their viewer eyes and mind. This is also one of the r disrespectful things to do but it will depend upon your wish to try it or not.

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2. Teasing the girls:

It also gives a signal of disrespectful things to do in Nepal. if domestic or natives people tease to natives girls are not big blunders but if the tourist or foreigner tease some of the native girls will make you disrespectful and disgusting too. There are also many Nepalese girls who like the foreigner appearance and activities.

teasing girl by boy

teasing girl by boy

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So, it can be handle but increase and cross the limit will trap you in prison and you will be kicked out from the track. Disrespect to do in Nepal, for it the government does not give you permission it depends upon your volatile occupation and derogatory actions. It is also one of them which can make your plans and places more enjoy according to your p view but other may have another eye and thought a can take and make it the big issues.

So, be careful and maintain your postures to gain the real glad and real marrow of enjoying and occurrence and existence of natural beauty of Nepal. The disrespectful thing to do in Nepal also includes one of its crew.

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3. Picking flowers:

Planting flower will make you respectful but pick flowers from another garden will surely make you disrespectful. Because it is also one of the disrespectful things to do in Nepal. Nepal is the structure of people having great thought and lives the standard life. There are many public places where there are gardens having various flowers and various designs decorated.

plucking the flowers

plucking the flowers

In those garden, visit, you can pick up the flower or rough it which will make their looks shaded and fade. The beauty will also decline their shining and looks will crop their charming. Picking the flower from other garden or conservative garden will make your stance changes and you will be in search or listed in the list of disrespectful because of your action perform under the disrespectful things to do in Nepal.

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4. Picking fruits:

Visiting or tripping to the Himalayan region, you get the chance to see the tree of apple and orange and many other fruits, which will change your intend due to greediness and the fruits lightness. The fruits are very much kept in safely due to the assault of any others or strangers. Fruits production are the main occupation of Himalayan people.

fruit picking apple

fruit picking

While traveling through the fruits tree and road, you can pick up the fruits which will make you disrespectful if you caught red handed. Owner stays in hiding and silent mode to trap the thief. People of Himalayan are very much light hearted if you beg, then you will receive more than begging. They also know killing theirs of anyone is our human religion too. So, this is also the disrespectful things to do in Nepal while traveling nearby the fruits tree.

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5. Come out without paying hotel bills:

This will show your reality and real mentality. Mending the bills and try to pay the bills will not make the noise and rush of people in such evidence if you caught. But going out after doing dinner and eating several items and trying to go as acted like the forgotten is also the symbol of disrespectful things.

hotel bill payment

hotel bill payment

Moreover, the shopkeeper will try to stop you and make you bill paid. They deter you and not allow you to go without payment. Doing such types of activities will also speak about the disrespectful things that can you do In Nepal. You can act like the forgotten if you caught outside after moving.

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11 Disrespectful Things to Do in Nepal – Never Do These Things While Travelling in Nepal

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

Nepal has three different phases of the formation and as it recognized and represent the entire country. They are the Hilly, Himalayan and Terai Madhesh. Madhesh or Terai have also many places which have also adopted the special features and value to visit. The Madhesh is not the places where you will feel uncomfortable and unsafe. The people of these states and region are very much cooperative and you will be very quick adapted in their locality. They are mostly of humorous and humble types makes you fun and helps you if you beg.

Madhesh have their own representation and contribution to make the Nepal more valuable and more recognized. There are many great idols and icons which have given the name with discovery and dragon. The country should not forget the Madhesh and  Madhesi because this is the most productive and cultivated sectors in which the whole country economic  spectrum and infrastructure is depended. There many natural places which will oust you and brings you far from the strain and mental tortures. Nature is the wonder gift of the God which makes the relief from pain and adds groups of smile and glad and emotions revealing and revelation feeling, gives you the new energy and estates to grow up with a new strategy and new vigor.

Madhesh is the hub of a tourist destination and it is also the places containing the historical hugger and myths that will make you stunned.  Tourist mostly comes to visit the new and historical places and all the places related you wish lies in Madhesh. The new raptures and new enthusiastic production from the natural beauty and their places fascination troll your mentality and you will become the mental in a natural paradise and lost you’re all the sorrow and parasites of all trouble glaciers.

Madhesh have the; typical but largest station platforms for making the tourist satisfied and keeps the capability of fulfilling all the desires and wants of the tourist. There are many such places typical but real historical facts containment that can only reveal the  reality and speaks or disclose about the figures and memory of the ancients life and times.  Adding more, the time changes in period and makes the people obliged to change. Rather to go to the tour, clarify your passion and hobbies to see and assess the new things that makes you more bolster and strong internally and externally.

It is said that the tour is also the types of learning and earning because in the passes of many stairs of life, there are  few of them who taken the real tastes of life and known about the real meaning of life.

There are many philosophers and great Darshanshastri have told that life is also the innovational and searching things. It should be in searching operation. There are many who have given and define the definition of life accordingly. Freed from all the mental tortures and pressure, you have go out from the home and your cross the native territory. Life ends in limited period so make your trip to Nepal and  mostly in Madhesi inside the Nepal. It is the most liked and visited places which are described as the  10 famous places to visit in Madhesh  Terai.

Famous  places itself revelation about their popularity and popular places will also makes you popular due to their specific gifts and gross. The natural places and famous places of MADHESH will acclaim you and  confer you the loyalitical respect and decent behavior . Means to say, the places will really makes you addicted to spend more with it’s charming and glimpse of beautiful images and screening. The greenery and cleanary  is only seen here having their popular waves of spurs and sapphire providence to the tourist and makes your bias after landing in the Madhesh territory and sectors. Following are 10 famous places to visit in Masdhesh Terai.

10 Famous Places to Visit in Terai Madhesh Region of Nepal

1. Lahan – Phoolbari:

Lahan is the plethora of natural and religious places because it has able to gain their name and recognition in world level with their own specific and uniqueness in natural as well as artificial contents. Everyone have listen about the Fulbari of Lahan which have their own specific representation and own glory in the outside environment.  The Fulbari is the heritage of Lahan as well as  the Nepal too. As it have special values and special reveal of flower at the day of new year only according to Nepalese calendar is ownselves  the news of stunning and curious.

There is not exist any types of flower which grows in one day and dies in one day. It’s amazing and it only make your fortunate sharp to see  such the unique flower.  In new year and at first day of new, year in midnight it grow up and reveal up for the new year and so, for these types of supernatural power there started the large crowd of fair in ceromeny celebration and to worship it and it’s specification. This types of power has not been seen because this Fulbari contains the history.

At ancient times, there is history kept safely and even said by many of adults that there were the king name Salhesh who used to  came for hunting in this jungle and used to rest for several of times. So, this is some real and short facts, and there is constructed of temple of king Salhesh and the jungle is now names as the Salhesh Fulbari.  Some more truth about the flower is that, it grow in Sakhuwa trees in up having the chain like in fade pink color.

Revelation on new famous places of Lahan that is very popular and much religious  temple that is rajdevei temple located at the distance of 5 km from the Lahan and lies in municipality of Lahan. It has also the and plethora of power to combat and destroy the devotee sadness dismal, disease and brings the happiness and gusto and form them in new and latest man with full of smile and painless.  There are many devotee who have got cured from many types of life taking disease and many get rid of many trouble and circumstances .

New Year Flowers Amazing wonderful Flower in World Bloomed in Nepal (2)

This wonderful Flower Bloomed in Nepal only in Nepali new year’s day

Due thus relief and visible power and proofs have made many people trustworthy. The reality is only spread in rapid m waves because it  has proof. Similarly, this has become  one of the religious and more respective places. It deserves the power and devotees have achieves the happiness and have erased and come out from the circle of trouble and pa. this types publicity have  processed in increment of devotee. After entering to it’s ground, you will loose all of your pain and sorrow and upcoming obstacles will also quit your hands and moves to their own way.

Moreover, Lahan is also recognized as the first sacrifice landmark of Madhesi movement and many march for achieving the rights and requisite participation in every sectors. Therefore , it has it’s own values, identity and squander and own principles of staying in own position with charming and historical and natural places content.

2. Janakpur:

Janakpur is one of the religious places of Madhesh because it have attempted many myths and actual     and fantastic hugger  of it’s construction and  story about it. Janakpur is also know for many lakes and it’s special palaces and position in Nepalese tourist destination. It has great amounts of places to makes your trip and visit more funny and exciting. It is the paces of making your more energetic and decent and also teaches you the life several meaning and motivation.



This is the Palaces and palaces of God ram which is one of the incarnation of god Vishnu in Dwapar Yuga. The goddess Sita, the daughter of king Janak used to live in this palaces and temple presently it is said and called and pronounced it as Janaki temple. It is one of the hugest and one most wonderful creation made by the queen of Tikamgadh Briksh Bhanudevi for king Janak. The god ram came to the land of Janakpur to marry with Sita who is n=know as idol girl and most religious females of the generation and worshipped as the goddess.

The most wonderful and many facts and figures inside the temple will makes you really feel of paradise and reached in the palaces of god. As it is the palaces of god used to stay in Dwapar Yuga. So , it is also the one of them among 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh and Terai.

3. Rajbiraj:

rajbiraj saptari nepal


Rajbiraj is also one of the most religious places and also recognized for the most sacrificed places in Nepal  hit list. It is the Places where the great temple of goddess Shakharadevi is situated and is belief of making any things good starts if you worship here and start your any career. The goddess is  mostly worshipped as the  pain inhaler of devotee and  construct your life in new manliness and  maintenances.  10 famous places to visit in Madhesi Terai also includes it.

4. Lumbini:

lumbini nepal birth place lord buddha

Lumbini Nepal

The world know about it. Its  no need to describe and discuss about it. It  is the root of sending the message of peace to all over the  world. The  preacher of  the peace and love is first been spread all over the world from here thought the lord Gautam Buddha respectively know as the  lights of Asia. He was the first person who have their enlightenment and started to spread the peace of unity, love, save the peace, don’t thief and makes your life and society always cooperatively function able.

5. Koshi barrack:

visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

a visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal

It is one of the greatest river of Nepal which have their own specification and have great bridge which have unique image and glory is treated as one of the tourist visited spot of Nepal. It has the 56 doors of flowing the river and have high thrift of water so, in high thrift, most of the doors is opened and in less thrift, few of the door is only open. It  also lies under 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai.

6. Birgunj:

Birgunj, Nepal

Birgunj, Nepal

It is one of the largest trade terrain of Nepal and treated as the greatest religious places due to existence of greatest temple where the more that millions of buffalo are sacrificed here. 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai also announces and appeals to visit.

7. Swoyambhunath:

It lies in eastern MADHESH and famous for the great temple designed in pagoda styles and remembered for the great works and large holy program. It is also one the religious places which have their own stabling and sampling and faces to make you lucrative and more adaptable. There are many facts and person gets pain erased from their life after visiting once in it\’s palaces or boundaries. 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai also includes it with their great position in people and visitor eyes and conception due to perception.

8. Chitwan:

elephant-safari-Chitwan National Park-nepal-picture

Chitwan is the greatest and one of the most visited and liked and popular places of Madhesh having the largest national park with various of unique animal and birds makes your memory more fantastic and eccentric.   It is the first national park of Nepal and has many more features and a special gallery of groupings. Chitwan also was known as the places of greenery and converting people wish and desire in reality formation. It has a large market and large area and many concession and convenient substances which will satisfy you. It is one of the 10  famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai, having a large sense and sensors to attract the tourist with elusive characters.

9. Biratnagar:

Biratnagar city Nepal

It is the greatest tourist destination and largest tea garden having wonderful cold and greenery atmosphere. It is also know as the hub and crux of Indian products and items. 10 famous places  to visit in Madhesh Terai also arise  it’s own features to visit here.

10. Dang:

Ghorahi Dang City Nepal

It is famous places in Rapti zone of Nepal. It is said Inner Madhesh. It gives you invitation under the 10 famous places to visit in Madhesh Terai.

Do you know more… please send us… or submit your content.

How Can We Make International Payment From Nepal

prabhu bank nepal

How can we make international payment from Nepal?

Nepal is the country of banking also as it has many banking platforms and network spread throughout the country. The country has many banks of private and governmental which are operating the services of remittance, There are many private sectors who are busy in financial works providing the speculative transaction in daily almost every day. Even at holiday, the works and transaction are in a continuous process.

The banking circuit is always waiting for the customer for serving and fulfilling their basic needs. If the customer gets the better services, means there establish the bridge of transportation and communication. The sweet relationship is better than million unknown friends and person. A person doesn’t have times but they seek the services in fast motion. In Nepal, due to presences of many financial sectors, there is lying the competition for the protection of customer. The many shops need many customers but the market size is small. So there is price competition and services qualitative that gives the benefit to the customer.

The customer is also looking for this situation to get the services in cheap rate. The financial transaction is mostly operated by the transfer or from the money express for fast and reliable transfer and payment.  Nowadays the bank has also operated the facilities of many extra payments through banking network. The bank is consisting the services like the banana in one farm or the mango in one tree.

More services mean more customer, with this thought nowadays there is races started between the shopkeeper and rest are in the process to the grand opening. The ceremony may be held any day but they start their business transaction from quick efforts. Many banks are even giving the facilities to national to national and national to international.

But the some of the banking plates are providing the services of nation payment only that is made within the country. So it needs the large operator for the payment to make with a great party and or in a foreign country. If we make the platform of international remittance, then we have belief and keeps the trust on ourselves and them to for being the work will be processed in the rapid and reliable scheme. The customer is like the crowd of the people who walks with same foods and same steps in their direction in one direction.

But there are some of them who are very careful and intensive in nature walks and takes the decision with great understanding and evaluation. So, to attract the customer of all class we have to launch the various schemes and the various schemes are even launched almost by every operator or financial institutions.

Moreover, if we talk about the financial transaction, there are various private sectors and I expect it’s more in number than the governmental one. But the government are not mostly seen in the fields of specific for this services that are remittance. The many private sectors mostly seem busy every time and obliged to serve the customer 24 hours. Like as the many IME, and money transfer is playing the great role for maintenance of economical stability. We discuss below further detail describing the specific works done by the institutions.

How Can We Make International Payment From Nepal

IME (international money express):

One of the reputed money transfer institutions which deal with the only remittance, that may be from internal or international. This institution is working the strength services by providing the easy and reliable services which have the customer trustworthy. The customer is the first priority given while doing any transaction. This IME has opened their branches almost in every part of Nepal and servicing the remote to urban people with their full efforts and services.

International money express ime

International money express ime

This institution always seems forward for the solution of the problem while occurred at the time remittance. Many remote people of Nepal are even not educated and they don’t know how to deal and do the remittances. Many of the IME branches have kept one of the extra manpower for solving the common issues. The common issues that are conducted by the customer may affect the transaction in various pits. If the customer is satisfied then the rapid of the institution is always in high motion. If the customer gets insulted or helpless then he or she will leave the places where they feel unadjusted. The customer is the variable factors of the market and it is dynamic minded.

If he gets the services more and better that presented connected then he or she leaves that places and run in next crowd to join it. So all the financial institutions who deals and operate the services of international payment always in ready and actives posture to attract the customer and making the mentality of addressing and helping them, that reduces their mental tension and mental problems. The customer where get their places to live and takes rest with full joys and clearness, they sit and attach their address with the operator. There seem one types of race in Nepalese market in the subject of the financial sector.

The headlines are leaked as the competition in financial sectors. The process of opening the bank are in rapid and the process of emerging the bank are also in rapidness. Because the Nepalese market is very small that have not a large number of customer. And the all people of Nepal are almost connected with one backs or any cooperatives. Nowadays due to strong and speed competition, there is the providence of remittances services in cooperatives and many small micro enterprises.  Like as the many small operation and institution are operating this services but you have to mind I that the international remittances are not done by all the institutions. So the international payment is only conducted by the graded bank and high-class institutions.

As I have talked about the IME, it is only the large scale monetary institutions who deals the remittances and payment from Nepal in high speed and high valuable and old and recognized financial institution. The financial institution does not mean that they deal with the monetary transaction only but an addition to it also deals about the remittances. As we know that there are much Nepalese who are sweating their labors and ploughing their hands in the hot and hard temperature.

It’s not the full picture and pain described by the Nepalese in the foreign lands, and after some days and in one month they receive their salary. For secrecy and family survive, they sent all the money to the Nepal and for their family.  While sending to their own home, the money is their life and if it doesn’t reach safely to legal hands then there may arise many unexpected problems. Later on, the transaction will be also denied. And remittances will become the virtue, not the vice. But now in the present context remittance is playing the role of middleman in cheap and fast accessories.

A person can’t get the full return on their investment. So they sent their money through much available money expresses. Among them, the IME is one of the famous and winning financial institutions of the Nepal who also serves the facilities of international payment. International payment is made easily from any of its branches with trustworthy.



The banking organization of the country are leading the banking platform with their own bringing project or adopting tools and techniques to enhance it with enormous growth. The bank had established in 2022 BS  and later on, haven’t taken rest for some days, is continued in the services of customers and Nepalese people.

rastriya banijya bank nepal

rastriya banijya bank nepal

People of Nepal are very hearing of nature and they don’t want to wait for some time. They are against the rest because they are busy and giving the value of time as we know that time is money and money are honey. So to get honey we, have to utilize the time. Talking with the present context, RBB has made the upstairs and pitch for welcoming the customer worth their service hands. It had always moved up their steps for the bright fortune of their customers and customer betterment. And for this consideration, the bank have also started to servicing their customer of remittance facilities. And recently, I mean for two years, this bank is giving the services or international payment and receipt. The bank is always energizing their features for the customer satisfaction to enrich them. If the customer becomes happy, the bank itself becomes happy. Because the doors from where the money and interest will come are the customer.

The key to market or income is the customer. If you don’t protect the customer, then there will arise many difficulties for the movement. If the customer has been trapped by your services and facilities, they will leave with you and don’t go away till you will their helper or the quality goods and services provided. You have always maintained your discipline and dictionary for the respect and behavior. RBB is one of the reliable banking organization operating their services for all the people from urban to rural determining the quality and investment. The bank not only deals with payment a but also with various monetary mandatory.

So the bank has protected many customers in comparison with many private banks. The bank has also made the platform of all the customer for joining it with their own wish and desire to get and receive the services of quality and beneficial.

Sanima bank:

It also the ‘’A’’ grade bank which deals with the international payment and fronting the customer with their delightful services by making the customer satisfied and bringing in one pitch for the production in a continuous process through their blessing. If the customer becomes fully satisfies, they will grasp you and remind you, not the alleged person and dis-fame person for their works. This is the rule of nature who does good gets good and who does bad get bad in return.

Sanima bank

Sanima bank

The life is processing and conducting in GIGO method. If we give the quality input the quality output will be achieved and similarly if we input the un-qualitative goods and raw material, then the finished goods will be also like the damaged. If the damage gets in the market by any customer, the organization become insulted.the same case is applied here to the banking network for its communication and movement. The bank should be always alert for their services checking that it consist any faults art not. If it consists any faults then it should be denied or rejected.

The problems should be shrunk in the very short crowd and publication if the publication is powerful then it may affect the goodwill of the organization. This bank is operating the services through the many branches that are installed in various places from Terai to Himal. Delivering the services of international payment in hands have also made the coming going management of customer as it has adopted the best welcoming and managing system in the bank while making the transaction inside it’s any branch.

Prabhu bank:

It is also one of the reputed banking institutions who is delivering the remittance services through the operation of the Prabhu money transfer. It is individually doing their transaction. But if you are the customer of the Prabhu bank then you can easily transfer your money from Nepal to Nepal and another country too.  It’s not any problem if you does not have accounted in Prabhu bank, you can easily make payment from the Prabhu money transfer which are seems in many places and providing the services of internal and international payment through  their banking and financial  status. It have also occupied the name of  appreciation by the people and is conducting  the services with pure hands and pure thought of a all the people living in Nepal from remote to urban.

prabhu bank nepal

prabhu bank nepal

The  Prabhu money transfer has reached their identity in many sectors from remittance, insurances, and bank too as the reputed position holding. So if you have any confusion and worried then, its time to cheers and you can choose any of the above ways for international payment.

How Can We Make International Payment From Nepal

If Nepal has Majority of Hindu Religious People, Why Non Vegetarian Food is So Popular in Around Temples

dashain healthy life man eating and drinking beer picture

If Nepal is totally an official Hindu nation, why non-vegetarian food is so popular in temples there?

Nepal is the country of temples and different modern and traditional temples which have been constructed in ancient times by the many king and kingdom. If we see the past history of Nepal we can clearly know about the reality of Nepalese temple and lifestyles and worshipping pattern. The worshipping pattern is totally different from other religion. And the most common thing that is asked is the nonvegetarian food is so famous in the temple of Nepal, that means the Nepalese saints and worshipper are nonvegetarian.

It’s totally wrong concept and the wrong message that the nonvegetarian food is popular is the temple of Nepal. But if we speak as the whole of the temples of Nepal, there might be happening these types of activities in secrecy and privacy. Regarding Hindu ethics and cultures, there is banned and prohibition of nonvegetarian food. It is not allowed to make the God fed. According to the Hindu myths, there is no any rules and saying that the nonvegetarian foods can be fed to the God. And no even without and Prasad the worshipping ceremony can be attained.

There might happen a lot of tension and burden while celebrating and creating some occasions of groupings. The celebration which is celebrated in groups that mold the occasion more shining. The Nepal is not the country of Hindu only but it’s the country of multi-language and multi-religion country moving by making the unity in diversity adopting the same feeling of nationality. The nation is recognized by the inside story whatever there lies and which types of substances and features the country absorbs.

There are many formality to make the proving of inside story and among them one of the most specific and recognized particular is culture and tradition which has given our identity.the country which does not have identity are life the dog without tail containing not the identity. The identity is mentioned and grasp by the culture and the lifestyles and traditional continuing system and pattern of living and expressing scheme. Person who have not any identity are not respected anywhere and  the country does not have any identity are not even treated as the country. The Nepal is recognized for culture and tradition to that the people of this country holds and celebrate.

Relating to temple information, I  suspect the wrong understanding have you injected, The Hindu temples are like the palace of God where the God and their Statue is highly decorated and kept. The man is herbivorous in nature not carnivorous in nature but also due to the taste, they are always hunger to taste the difference. The difference taste is only getting if try to eat more and eat differently.  So there are many black people visiting and moving in a white dress makes you confusion to recognized.

dashain healthy life man eating and drinking beer picture

A Man eating meat and drinking

In the temples of Nepal, there is also governmental rules to not allowed the meat to worship and fasten the God. The god is also like our parents who have given the beautiful world and beautiful figure but there is installment of many virus of negative thought and behaviors that id hampering the man due to their poisonous negativity. There are the habitat of many religion people like Muslim and Christian in least number. The rule and the thing which is given to god  for worshipping, that the same things is not gifted to the God of statue of the Muslim. And similarly the things or substances which is gifted to the Hindu is fully gifted in the Christian. So there are many small and  large story that is making the difference of many  fluttering butterfly to makes the project success by the combination of all people’s hands.

The  hand should be bonded in same chain and track for the completion of any heavy project.the long journey is only started by the single steps and that continuous single steps will reach you on the summit of success. The success is the destination and the stars that makes you shine and make  you recognized in the eyes of the world. The  world is like the mirror and you are the player of this earth so, it depend upon your vision and mission to grasp it. It’s you who change the nation and  it’s you who change the  world and it is only possible if you change yourself.  There are the living of different society of people living in different parts of country and there may be the some temples where these  types of illegal activities are performed in secrecy.

But giving and the not Vegetarian food in the temple is illegal by the law of Nepal. It anyone caught doing this, means they will be tolerated and punished hardly. First, you have to know that the local society of people will not allow them to do these types of meaningless and harmful activities w that will ruin the identity of Hindu. Because the local and Hindu people are very much commitment and devoted on their temple and religion if these types of activities get expose then this will become the matter of taking or giving life means the great issue of accident or murder. The temple is like the heaven where the people who are very in tension get relief and breathe the oxygen of peaceful and joy.

All pain got damages and flowed by the air and become the lighter by gaining the power and spirituality power to fight with life and the obstacles that will be the barriers to moving the road to handle them. The problem will only enlarge if the solution is not currently afforded and applied. The solution hands will b never face the problem because the man who follows the strategy of prevention is better than cure will never become the victims of any disease who will kill their life. The temple have never done these types of activities for the worshipping and the message is leaked or release by anyone is totally based upon the misunderstanding. The all temple have is structured by one saint that operated all the worshipping pattern and trend.

The local are helping them for every day worshipping. And the saints who lives in temple and worshipping is fully vegetarian. So if the society knows about the reality coverage of that saints then he will be quiet and swept by the society. The society will not be generous and have patience if the saints do or behave badly with any human beings and do any harmful works regarding the prestige of society. The society is active in nature and always kept the one eyes of the action and activities performed by them. It’s the good formulae and tradition that every person or every family should contribute their help and crops or grains for the saints life and food that makes then energetic to conduct. All the systems are conducted with very consciousness to be fit up and processed up.

The worshipping is also the identity of Hindu that signifies the glory and glimpse of the religion and country. The country can also feel pride and prestigious if these types of activities get the tag of immortal.

Temples is the palace of God where the people connectivity exist with internal heart and faith. Man are living on the earth with their blessing only. Not even the leaves blow up and glow up without the wish of God. So, the person who thinks negative and hating words about the God, then I think he or she is like the mad or lunatic. The person who believes on stone as the God then the stones will be the God and  God also exists in the stone.

In the context of Nepal, the many Hindu are celebrating and compelling the festival with great rapture and friction, people use to celebrate with the eternity hands and pure intensity. A person can’t avoid the happiness if it comes after a long gap of times. A person is busy and has not the time to tale rest too for only getting the happy by earning the wealth and other else. It depends upon the thought of the person who wants to earn money or name. there are three class of people who thinks about the fame and are busy and spend life in the flowing of that matter or substances. For happiness, you have to only change the world. The change will only be possible if the matter fully occurs and implemented according to saying. Poor people are in the search of wealth only and they think the wealth is everything and they become the hunger of it.

Similarly, the middle man thought and search happiness in both name and wealth. So these types of people get to engage in both personal and social works. And the rest one who falls under the high class who thinks about the name and fame only. They think the wealth are like the sweat which goes worthless. The person thought and, characteristics and behavior are the most determining thing which the persona is recognized fro. Man will die one day and left the world but there is someone who left the world but they still left and stamp their pictures and views in people mind and some falls in garbage group, they come like the rat-like the thief and goes it away like it too. So, the birth should be the history and the death should be like the history.

If you born poor, it’s not your mistakes but if you dies poor, it’s your great mistake. Man are the variables which change according to the situation if they have the not the adventure. The adventure is only committed if they are from the committed society. Along with long and brief description, we should also know about the tradition and culture of religion rules that are conducted and describes the attribute of the country and countrymen.  In accordance of temple and trekking, it’s totally difference but in the case of temples, there is much more history inside the coverage. The man where get delighted after visiting here and feels the man of purity and washes all the sin of their life and become free from the sin. It’s the daily work performed by the people for getting the relief from the greedy world and tension infected world.

The world have got infected and they do not have any sense to prevent it or purify it. The campaign for purifying it for filter and making the good word of temple is possible only in Nepal because the person of Nepal are very much devoted to the temple and it represents the identity and eternity of Hindu. There is not the chance of having and serving the non-vegetarian food in temple in any occasion first you have to know that, it ‘s not allowed to conduct any program for the any works in the ground or territory of temple. If it is conducted for various reasons, then they are previously informed not to involve the non-vegetarian in terms in temple and function. This information is remittance earlier for further dealing. If the organizer  don’t accept, the matter will closed here and the organizer should search another doors of ground for completion and function with great joy and systematic and under the blessing and shadow of the God.

The god palace is a temple where the person or any beggar get the relief from any thing negativity. The man gets the peace and satisfaction by going and visiting the temple and the Hindu are very much conscious to fasten and gifted the fruits or sweets to the God. There is mostly the feeding of fruits and sweets in large number to make happy to their lovely and likely God. In moral, we can conclude that there is nothing perfect and nothing imperfect, it depends upon our looking eyes how we look and observes the matter and events.

Some see flower in the garden only and some see pins of flower only. So in fact, there is not popular of not- vegetarian food popular in the temple.

5 Things to Purchase in Kathmandu for Nepalese Family

Things to Buy in Kathmandu Nepal family

Things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for Nepalese family

Things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal do a lead the many subjective and objectives lists to select up with the advice of other or accord to your own choice by assessing and analysis the product qualities, features and to whom it is purchased for either for other poor for family, but here the meaning is speaking for the family. Thus, the main supportive and choice mostly goes on the family familiar product, that becomes the choice and likes of everyone in the family.

In fact, there are many products which is matched and made for the family location and pointing but also they are bought for single and singular forms. There are many things to purchase in Kathmandu , Nepal for family because the it is the one of the largest and advance market including the latest product derivation. Person are mostly not interested in choosing the familiar products due to the rejection of the products by any one family members. And there also seen many person who is more likely to purchase the things for family, may be for any special one or maybe for decoration of the home.

As it is the one of the most practiced and common things to select the normal things that we are seeing and watching in our daily life. Suddenly, sometimes there is visualization some shopkeeper and products to which is very attractive and our mindsets on that products. Even not necessity, we buy those product because their motifs and nature make you obliged to buy. If the commodity of the things does not contain any specification, then there is no necessity to purchase it and buy it. There are many couples who visit Kathmandu because the Kathmandu is the centralization of the Nepal and it has also contains a the tag of capital city.

So people from the abroad and domestic make the first target to visit and watch the Kathmandu, as it consists the many religious and cultural and historical and natural sites in charming looks. The person who visit once lost their desire in the atmosphere and beauty with its vibration and movement of appreciation released by the visitors and you can also achieve and observes the reality. Person who makes the other accuse means that they are the victim of accused. Mainly, the foreigners who come to visit the Nepal, land in Kathmandu and they tour first and pour their emotion and fresh energy by walking and visiting the Kathmandu existed sites and signals.

As there are many parameter and parasites which make the people more excited, more courageous and more curious to make their trip. We have also know better that those couples or singles who make the visit to Kathmandu also search for the things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for family. And family who come with their own purposes also once take the interest about the things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for family.

Instantly, there are nowadays many shops and shopkeeper who are making and growing their business with their different adopted tools and techniques for promoting and attracting the customer by the announcement of offer and discounts in different terrain. If you want to purchase the things for the family you can visit the small to great or mall to pick up the qualitative and branded products that make them pleased and as the pivotal gifts that memorize them the visit of Kathmandu after seeing it in the home. Therefore, things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for the family is not the small thing for making everyone happy in the family with the buying of your goods due to many publications of and available for goods in the front of the eyes.

So here are some of the things that you have to purchase to make the family connective, glad and much more closed.

Things to Purchase in Kathmandu for Nepalese Family

1. Bakery items: Things to Purchase in Kathmandu

Bakery items Things to Buy in Kathmandu Nepal for family

Bakery items

It is also one of the most favorable things of the Kathmandu which is bought by almost many people while returning from Kathmandu as the gift of visiting Kathmandu. It is pleasurable moment of the family to hope so and expect so. Happy family can only hope for the gift to take fro family to keep the light of happiness permanently. There person mostly visit Kathmandu for the official works and some make their trip to Kathmandu specially to visit and watch the Kathmandu with their own eyes as he or she used to listen to other mouth.

Many people who visit Kathmandu especially they buy the bakery items that is famous due to different tastes and different designs, like the Pushtakari and others too. Pushtakari is one of the bakery items which mostly bought by every passengers while coming to their roots in Kalanki or anywhere else. It is one of recognized, popular and one of most likely product that can purchased for family for sharing the happiness of love and affection. Person who make their life more standard can buy something big but those who make their life more conservative and lives the life of poor intent can feel difficult the thing for family.

Sharing the gifts and bringing the gifts in the family is also the techniques and patterns of reviving and rising and increasing the lovelier and faithful relationship among the family members. Many people who thinks about single and self are not valued in the family due to their selfish nature and devalued from the public eyesight. Kathmandu is one the popular and very recognized city of Nepal and it may creates the many confusion to select and purchase the product due its variability and presentation. So you have always be experienced and better know about the product before purchase things to buy in Kathmandu, Nepal for family. It is n the small things that can remake your family and re-destroy your family connectivity chain with happiness cyclone.

Pushtakri and may be other bakery items of eating is one the popular things to purchased in Kathmandu, Nepal fro family that makes your family more encouragement of love and reliable faith over you and other too. It is one of the famous items made of different ingredients like the flour, milk and other coconut, peanut, cashew and other precious materials that is in the pleased taste and make your family more demandable.

2. Dress material: Things to Purchase in Kathmandu

This may be one choice of things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for the family. The dress material may leads in increment of cost due to the procurement of the products for every member of the family. As the stripper and visitor, the responsible also goes on self to promote and constant the family relational activities with the accord. If your family is small, then things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for family also help to fall in the contract for making the family happy and procurement. Family members are also the gift and places where the person get the happiness and support for the action on any activities.

dress items Things to Buy in Kathmandu Nepal for family

dress items

Similarly, if your family is big, it may become your alternatives but if your income is high and your pocket is green then you can also purchase it. The dress material is also the pleased items that make your family members more happy and glad about your arrival. If you feel that the family members will become happy after purchasing the dress material, then you can press the green button of shopping by entering the mall. It is also very important to know while buying the dress material. Dress material for everyone or especially for anyone like your father or may your wife.

But it will be better if you buy the things for everyone especially like the Saree for wife, pants vest for children and another likely and stable dress for old father and mother, these types of dress material fall under the things to purchase in Kathmandu, Nepal for family connected to dress material in answers and antenna of its purchasing parameters.

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Things to Purchase in Kathmandu for Nepalese Family
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5 Things to Purchase in Kathmandu for Nepalese Family